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  1. Kuramu

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    As far as I can tell, I haven't been playing that much so that's one less person playing the game.
  2. Kuramu

    Should I join?

    Updates? A bit far behind but not too far. Grinding is better imo but still grindy. Most things are free anyway like the person above mentioned. Third question. No. Fourth question. Dunno Lastly, Void Elsword is a dress-up simulator. No need to cash in to look good, though it'll still take a while to grind enough ED. Here's a screenshot of my main. I spent nothing but time and effort to get this far.
  3. Kuramu

    Equalize Costumes Of All Characters

    Nope, only KoG can do that.
  4. IGN: Kuuramu What items do I want? Eve's Elpheus Combo Reason: Eve is waifu. I'm trash with no ambitions in life and too broke to afford IB combos (I already have 5/5 EP, I just want to complete the set). Lowkey been playing for 3 years in Void and the first non-ED burner/event IB that I managed get is a 5/5 is EP.
  5. Hi. I was there when the DEEZ NUTZ event happened.
  6. Kuramu

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    Running into Erbluhen in Dimension of Sinister Intent and it uses Blatt Blume.
  7. Kuramu

    So why do we have no GS's no more?

    Guess I have to remind myself of who to ping and not to ping.
  8. Kuramu

    Hello there, Veteran player here

    Good morning, Veteran player.
  9. Kuramu


    We'll probably won't see each other in game but I'm more or less living in the forums (I play solo in game). And welcome to the club.
  10. I can probably get a thing or two in events like the ones before. I don't mind getting a summer event.
  11. Kuramu

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    Getting dc'd after killing the boss on the 23rd stage. Fuck Henir. Damn I only got half the amount that I was supposed to get.
  12. Kuramu

    The State of PvP

    Void = PvE server. Officials = PvP server.
  13. I'll take it easy with 1-5 runs. I don't have the funds to keep using 200 intermediate mp potions, 200 green teas and 200 soft boiled eggs every single day.
  14. it's tedious to look at Imgur hosted images but I voted Pepsiman anyway. Why? I die more to him than the frigging lizards and having no mp or all important skills are on cooldown when he starts using EMP field would most likely kill me. I simply brute force the way by chaining Bravery and Strength skills to nuke him down while avoiding damage with i-frames (and I die more to him than those frigging lizards). The damned lizards, the second most dangerous. Kill the one from the left first then the middle and the last one. It'll make it easier to deal with them. Type-Hentai, I just use a Water Orb and use my Hyperactive (Code: Arcadia for Code Esencia) then the two of them should die if not then use any skill to finish them off. Easy but annoying if strategy fails.