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  1. I mean in case you don't need to contact the support the situation where you gotta give your data won''t even happen. That's the part where you're safe.
  2. You can keep your account safe but you technically had to give the original owner access once it is needed. The whole reason why they make the original owner responsible for the actions of other people using the account you "sell" or however you pass along that login data, is to settle issues beforehand. So assuming the TO would hack on that bought account there isn't like the discussion of: "oh, you cannot punish me for actions I haven't done so this hacking should be not penaltilized" Which btw is an excuse MANY people on here have come up with. Plus this also furthermore discourages such account sharing/selling. The staff doesn't need to respond if the answer is already in the rules. What needs to happen is that the previous owner of the account needs to contact support instead of the TO.
  3. Pretty sure that they don't set things in stone to that extend because otherwise you'll have some wise guys who'll just do some grey area actions because they are sure what the rules are. Also the way how Void presents that in the rules is: "we won't completely forbid it" but they spelled it out who is to be blamed if something fishy is done with that account. They are giving a clear picture of the risk and also clarify who will be the one to blame if things go south. All in all, if the TO would've read the rules, they would've known that the person they bought the account from should have contacted the support for service because they are the ones still responsible for the account.
  4. They don't even want the rules to be changed. They just want it to be spelled out so even the most oblivious person (to not call anyone dumb lol) can understand that doing something the server doesn't want you to will result in mild consequences.
  5. @akurei666 Void/Elsword is prone to burning out, especially if you have no gear or you got gear that is too good. A break easily helps, or simply trying out new characters and classes. I don't know about you but most classes look pretty competent in PvE. I have a Raging Heart with only a +9 Perkisas weapon and like 70%ish crit/maximize and I'm easily getting through Add dungeon and secret dungeons without potspam or the need of the solo queue buff. If you do bad in PvE, that's most likely on you. The are plenty of classes who do amazingly well with just a +8 HR25 weapon. The newer Non-special dungeons like everything afte Elysium kinda needs potspamming and/or really getting gud at movement due to everything having stoic but even: can't solo dungeons, just queue up for a team to carry you or for the solobuff. Like currently almost any class is somewhat powerful, either when it comes to clearing or bossing, or both. So shitposting like "yo, nerf everything to death cause they are already weak asf" sound more like someone being actually bad at the game or..yeah, someone trying to bait someone aka shitpost.
  6. Making every character utterly useless is what i'd say a troll/shitpost.
  7. Considering you just got 4 +9 amulets from the event, not by all that much. Surely there are much better choices for the effect like "ignore (m)def" or reduce x elemental resistance per stackbut lvl 25 is relatively good. It should be a good basis to farm for a lot of things. The "+10% for this and this skill" is something you should always neglet as you can easily get a skill that does not work well with your lvl 29 + good effect weapon pull.
  8. I am argueing in favour for them as well as giving reason for you to understand. Previously it was just you going against someone who did not voice themselves, it's easy to rant when the one affected isn't there to response or give you contra. So giving you some examples and counterarguments, the wave of complaining and "wanting to change something" might die down once you finally got some arguments that counterargue yours. By the way, thanks for giving the text of the rules that are about account sharing and selling and you seem to have misunderstood something: The account anyone makes is always theirs by right, by selling their account they simply give you access to that account but by right, it's still their account. In the rules it says that even when sharing or even selling the account, the original account owner is STILL responsible for any actions the new user makes. So if that guy who sold his account to you has a new account now, and you, or him get banned due to hacking or other banable offenses, each account of him, even the one you have bought will get banned due to him being still the rightful owner and the one who bears the responsibilities. So basically the staff refuses support because you are not the one who hold responsibility for the account, it's the original owner's responsibility to go to the support and ask for a PIN reset. Plus it flatout says that they highly discourage such trading. Just because it doesn't say that you'll get banned for something like that, it still means that you'll get worse treatment eventually. It's like being too loud for your whole neighbourhood to be annoyed by you, so it's highly discouraged, but they can't call the cops on you or at least you can't get arrested for it. So they don't have to change anything. Technically what's written in those rules already takes care of such a scenario.
  9. Pretty sure such kinda posts in a serious thread are prohibited. I believe we even have a shitpost/off-topic channel for this.
  10. Welp sorry that you got caught in the crossfire. I mean, can't even blame me, you both got that colour sceme and a laby pfp going on. I try to give explanations for the staff because we know that they won't explain their decisions or how they make them and the TO sounds like they either wanna force a reaction or simply doesn't understand so I give them something thatmight give them the satisfaction they need.
  11. What I tried to do was to explain or gave you examples for reason why they acted like they did to eventually make you understand their potential reasoning as those seemed like the reasons why they did like they did. It was you who went into defense mode and tried to tear down my arguments and didn't even think like "yeah, maybe that's it." You act like you have done nothing wrong, Void is the villain or they at least need to warn you for every little thing despite knowing that certain actions in this server are not supported by the staff. Plus I also gave a future advice to people who trade/buy accounts to get not only the basic data from the previous owner but now that we know what info the staff asks for, to also ask for such information. Or you come to an agreement with the seller that he still has the obligation to provide you with information afterwards if they ask something else about the account that you couldn't know. Have YOU added such info in your "awareness" post at the beginning? You are allowed to edit your posts so if your goal was truely to raise awareness and help people in the future to not walk into the same predicament then you would have. At this point it's just a rant, however you want to paint it. Either change the thread to actually spread awareness properly plus giving advice and also a warning that account sharing/trading/selling is not wanted by the staff. That would be much more constructive than going against people who take shots at your flawed and one-sided opinion who doesn't take anything else than your own personal agenda and interest into account. If you attempt to reply to this, do not try to tear down my arguments yet again but maybe start taking it at constructive criticism. You are at a loss here already, don't make it worse. This won't make the staff help you. And at this point I'm pretty sure you just revoked any second chances.
  12. Please refrain from sweating the detail of wording so much. You know damn well what is meant by that. Mostly because I don't understand why you want this to be mentioned in the rules specifically? You always had the possibility to ask the forum as well or DM a mod or GM. This ain't america where everything has to have a label for anything potentially dangerous or hazardous so not a single idiot can screw it up without knowing the dangers or consequences. Service is yet again: Voluntarily. It's not a set in stone business practice. They can help you, they can not help you if they choose. They could recreate your account if they fuck up or the server somehow wipes the entire account data away and give you something extra for compensation. Do not blame Void. They COULD have written it in their rules to make it blatantly obvious that doing something they dont want you to brings consequences but they just can't and not force themselves into a pattern/rules they HAVE to follow. Like I think they'd give people who didn't know about account trading/sharing was banable a second chance. You damn sure act like refusing service to you would hurt their reputation by any significant amount. Also why even mention you providing money for the server if it doesn't hold any meaning or relevance? You mentioned that detail on purpose. If the "it's my account I can do what I want with it" rule would apply, you could also do things like hacking and such. But you can't. "Your" account data is stored on THEIR servers because they have funds from DONATIONS. Also the fact that they can ban your account, especially an IP ban shows that the account is actually theirs. If you were the owner by right, they wouldn't have the rights to not give you access to it. But they do. They make the rules. They do not have to write down the rules to make them effective. As long it's not something like "all of you have to pay 5 euro/dollar per month to keep your account" rule changes, they can change it up however they want. If you still want to push a suggestion to add that detail in Da Rulez, then I would advise you to do so in the forum's suggestion section. Again you put emphasis on: "They would be nothing without the playerbase". It heavily implies "you better do what we say or we gonna sabotage ya, you get money because of us".
  13. Thx. Though it doesn't really change much for me since I Wasn't a big hoarder. I usually got 1 IB set for each character I play, usually went with a mix of value and looks and called it a day. Or I got myself the Luto onepiece
  14. So you can like register an IM avatar weapon to an IB weapon and still use the IM weapon as socketing alternative?
  15. Don't you still need to temporarily put the looks-giving item out of commission until you de-lock it?