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  1. My concern is simply that suggestion makers simply get to know within a few weeks wether their idea is gonna have a chance or not. Some peeps have been keeping up their suggestions for months because they didn't know if it's actually getting looked at or not. Bumping a thread sure isn't much work but idea makers also have to deal with criticism, trolls, adjusting their idea, etc. So these threads can be time consuming depending on how much it is in Void's community eye and how many people actively engage and discuss. Suggestions for events or NPC adjustments for example wouldn't even need to be implemented right away. You could amass suggestions that got potential, store them and use them for inspiration or later implementation when there's like time/opportunity to implement content/events. I thank you two very much for replying and giving some more insight on what is actually going on as well as announcing change and improvement. One last thing I hope for is seeing any of the staff being more active on Forums and such. I really miss those days where people be discussing threads or waiting for the downtime to pass while mods, GSs and GMs sometimes were there just joining in on the fun. Have a nice day!
  2. Fair. But I don't get where security comes from leaving people out in the open with crucial information. You see to what kinda shitposts no information leads to. Has this ever been adressed? Like that you two barely do the programming anymore but now let other people do it? Cause this is information that could've given the community some insight on what's with updates, etc. Personally a big critical point was updates taking so long compared to years ago but with supposed new tools and easier programming nowdays. As for bans...well, people would probably fight you on that seeing so many complaints about tickets taking so long, people getting banned tho they are supposedly innocent. But then again: those complaints often arise on weekends and most of those people were prolly hackers. But you never know when some complaint is legit or not. I hope that's gonna come to fruition. Though I hope secrecy won't hold Yata back from telling people wether an idea is acceptable or not. People need to know if their efforts is worth it or just wasted as the idea is not acceptable but Yata doesn't give clearance. There should be something of a status yata can give without much explanation like "Accepted, Possibly with adjustments and Denied" I hope so. Also I suggested this so people can't like "interpret" to their own liking or start big discussions like with the account selling situation. From what I heard you've been around in shitpost threads and such but barely in the general section. That's why I'm bringing this up. No, I have no proof, it's just what people told me. But now we get some responses with needed information. This instance right here should happen more often. I mean more like you pick the questions or summarize issues, questions into some you formulate and make the main thread locked for normal users so it's clean and only you can answer stuff, like keep editing the main post but have a seperate thread for the community to give input, ask questions that you can again pick and put into the main thread and answer them.
  3. Ok so..... This thread's topic started out as: "Oh no, staff MIGHT give preferential treatment and totally isn't an assumption cause me or my friends/people I know totally weren't affected by Void's issues with ban appeals and other stuff and I'm totally doing this thread for the well-being of the server and staff is also a bunch of homophobes cause reasons. Proof? Who needs proof when you can just cast moods on a group of people being unsatisfied with the server the spread assumptions, making people believe they are facts since nobody checks stuff and rather takes it as a fact cause that's easier than doing fact checking" and now derailed into: "Staff members' sex life is totally relevant in this, totally not grasping straws to paint a negative image of people who are literally the only ones who could put effort into changing Void to become something greater than it was 3-4 years ago." Here is the constructive part: (no TL;DR for this one, if you care for the community, read it whole) If any of you actually want to: -better the connection between community and staff -want Void's staff to put effort into the community -maybe even getting Ran and programmers to put like....4-5 years ago kinda-effort into this game again Don't be an asshole. What do you think will happen if you (the vocal majority of the community and most likely the one reading this because you are part of the community) keep on trying to: 1. Shit on the staff for doing stuff wrong or fail to comprehend the concept of free time or limited manpower as well as the lack of doing CONSTRUCTIVE criticism 2. Trying to find and air their dirty laundry or in general insult or defame in any shape or form 3. Show blind negativity towards the work of the staff. I say blind cause, as you can see, Ran and the programmers DO programming. Staff DO deal with ban appeals and general support stuff. But if the quality or speed at which things are done is unsufficient, you can suggest to get more mods or staff. If the community was more fun to deal with again, I hope/think that VoidEls' crew would be engaging with us more again outside of when they "have to". Now on to the other side of the problem: VoidEls Honestly, if you don't want people making such shitposts and disguise them as threads, stop being so goddamn closed off. You leave people with little to no information on what the fuck is going on anymore. You "tease" some stuff here and there, but apparently you are mostly active in the spam/shitpost section of the forums. I honestly have no clue if you are active in the suggestions. I haven't been in there in a good while. When I was actively making suggestions and was active in the suggestions in general, I BARELY saw any of the staff in there. The only times I saw like mods or GS' in there were like those kinda suggestions that either involve cosmetics or very basic suggestions like "raise stack maximum of x-item". Fleshed out ideas, sometimes poor, sometimes amazing, elaborate and thought through suggestions are left uncommented by staff and mods, nobody really knew wether they were considering suggestions or not. People keep pushing their threads to keep them up in the list in hope they might be seen by a mod who forwards it to a GS for example. But that doesn't happen. There is no transperancy in this in any shape or form. But this doesn't just apply to suggestions. People get banned with ban reasons that often aren't straight forward and are sometimes on par with error codes in terms of "what do they mean?". You can look an error code up and you know the issue. With the ban reason you open a thread, was for the meaning and 95% of people are wild guessing because nobody knows. People getting weirdly treated in account trading/sharing affairs. If you do not want people to do it be straight to the point. Don't be like "If you do account sharing, we will not ban you but we don't want you to do it and discourage you" so technically it's allowed, some people got no problems with their deal but sometimes need support but get denied because they aren't the original owner of the account though they have their own password and stuff set up. Like if you treat those cases differently because it's a shared/bought account then put that into the rules clear as day: "IF YOU BUY AN ACCOUNT; YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET SUPPORT FOR THAT ACCOUNT. ORIGINAL OWNER HAS TO ASK FOR SUPPORT." Alright. So here are some suggestions for VoidEls' staff, or rather Ran and whoever is second in command: 1. Do a QnA. Pick all the big issues/questions that are piling up and give the community straight answers. And pick questions you usually wouldn't answer. Here are some suggestions: Why are updates keep taking more and more time, despite constant improvement on the launcher, coding efficiency, etc? What's with "insert rumors/situations"/suggestions/content/"anything relevant that needs to be answered"? Such a QnA thread would serve well to give transperancy, give a commonplace for such questions + answers so everything is in one place but you can also keep referring to if somebody needs info. 2. Please, interact more with the community. The more you distance yourself, the easier it'll become for the community to hate you. If there are people still being dicks, you got rules you can act according to and weed out that dark part of the community. 2.1 At least have mods take more looks into suggestions. For example to gather potentially implemented suggestions, shooting down unrealistic suggestions or to give criticism to unrefined ideas, giving people the chance to alter their ideas and improve them so they have a chance to be forwarded to GS and Ran. You have a creative community that is, or at least was, pretty devoted to this server. You could easily have people not only give you ideas, you can have people draw character portraits like the solace one, some could even model characters for you to implement to make more NPCs like Naeun. You can have them design item icons, etc. 3. Revise your rules. If there are rules people have asked many times about before, it would be good to update or simplify them for easier understanding. 4. That might be a bit similar to #2 but: Stop ignoring threads. Evading to give a statement sure is easy but it doesn't solve issues. It leaves people guessing, up to the point where they make up own truths to give themselves an answer for questions you should answer. Aight. Another of my famous wall of texts. Memes aside, I'm serious about this. If people like this and find that the entire 2nd part where I'm throwing suggestions towards community and Void is derailing, I'll take the 2nd part and make a suggestion thread containing the chunk of words and numbers. Thank you for reading and any potential constructive criticism or efforts the community or VoidEls that might come as a reaction from this. Also sorry for using this thread as a platform for my "Manifesto Improvioso (better name needed, halp)" but it seems like a good spot to attack core issues which are also most likely the cause as for why such threads are made in the first place. Have a good one. Obligatorily signed, Libra
  4. I can't really see how staff is inconsistent in terms of bans or generally the handling of bans. What Lilu and the other mod were talking about was: If you are innocent, feel free to appeal. Maybe even a second time. If you are guilty, don't even bother because they can find out if you broke rules/hacked so appealing despite being well aware that you hacked is not only dumb, it's also being really....Bold. The bad kind of bold. It's a dick move. Those are the people who spam the forum with seperate "WHY U NO ANSWER MY APPEAL?!?!"-threads and then complain how shitty the staff is despite being fully aware what bullshit they've pulled. As for how the community and staff has's mindboggling how little community interaction there is now, as well as lack of impactful custom content. There's such a difference in content updates, now vs back 2 years or so.
  5. @VoidCM I'm sorry I posted my last rant in the wrong thread. Also I'm sorry about the compensation rant, I flatout forgot that there's a compensation cube being handed out. But to shortly adress the suggestion part: I have made several suggestion in the past, none of them haven't really been looked at by the staff, or they did look at it but chose to not say wether it can be a thing or not. Thing is with the suggestions: there is that really bothersome trait of that section and staff where people are left in the dark wether the suggestion can be a realistic addition, can be implemented with some adjustments or if it doesn't work at all. I would really love to plan some changes (for example an actual Naeun rework) but I don't want to put in hours, days and weeks to plan out ideas, have them discussed and if needed, push the thread(s) in hope it might get the staff's or mod's attention to forward and review it. And it's not just me. You have a whole community who would be down to get creative FOR you, so you just have to pick up the idea and implement it. Last but not least: It really leaves a bad impression when your response to criticism (even if part of it was unjustified cause I'm forgetful asf) is: "THIS is grindy? Well, then look at officials, they are much worse!" Like, that's kinda showcasing a "we are good enough" rather than a "We want to be a good alternative for people to enjoy the game". Sorry again if this is regarded as offtopic; if there is actually some interest in having a talk, my DMs are open.
  6. Void makes compensations that aren't compensation but just bringing back what was ours to begin with, an event that is not even working right and is more "here, farm for swimsuits you pervs" with some "here, grind your ass off for something useful". Now it's not even working right and is still awaiting an update that won't come in the next few days because that would mean staff would work on weekends.
  7. That's not a compensation, they just gave back what was ours to begin with.
  8. Well, so much for compensation. Have fun with the update, I'll play something else instead.
  9. Wait so they removed all henir and GoD mats? So El Rewards or like SD materials are untouched?
  10. So....people trying to defend Void for deleting items without saying in advance that they did? Realtalk: Why do you defend them for this? People should have the choice to use their materials for their intended use and they HAVE to give a heads up BEFORE they delete shit, not afterwards and be like "oops, you get compensation". Why is this a deal? Because god fcking who knows what that compensation is gonna be. Also will it a compensation that scales individually with each character that got stuff deleted? Or will it be a compensation for everyone, even those people who just joined? WIll the compensation even be good? Void has a track record of giving out really bad compensations. Right after they stopped handing out free EC for delayed Server maintenances or like unforseen downtimes/maintenances simply taking several hours longer than intended, any kind of compensation was really bad or they didn't even hand out any. Seriously, each day that passes, each update we get, I loose more and more the memory of what VoidEls used to be, realizing: it's just like the officials with some custom content that we get shafted with by ever decreasing quality of additions and horrible optimization of old stuff.
  11. So basically they adjusted some craft requirements for items not many people use anyways aside from Blue Bull, make 3 additions that probably aren't great either and give us an easy OP consumeable. The Nexus change is nice but I'm not even sure if it's actually worth it to go for those even now. Maybe for PvP players at best. Nobody gives a shit about the cube sets (like transcendence Code) anymore. SD sets are extremely easy to craft, Heroic pieces (even if depending on RNG), you can still easily get a serviceable set rather easily and the non-endgame cube sets are pretty much invalidated by the +10 level up gear. Naeun rather needs a complete rework. There is so much unnecessary stuff on her and a lack of variety that actually is good and worth farming for.
  12. This is basically why we need a cheap IB alternative for our sleepy girl. Like stop hogging new character stuff for months and only release an alternative way to get IBs via like the gamble cubes months later because of "technical difficulties". And update that the Khaos/Verglas/Royal Blood/etc. cubes say that Laby can't get items from those either. I'm so glad I tested it with a "cheap" glove cube first before I splurged my savings on a IB weapon cube just to find out that Laby can't open it.
  13. Not even ED. Unless people are actually buying IBs and stuff for those bs rates. Buuut yeah. This is basically the same concept Elsword EU aka Failforge did their updating: A fckton of IB rotations with cash additions, and a whole lot of nothing else. Like some of us sooner or later are gonna need some IB sets for Laby that are not forcing ya to buy IBs for dumb prices or like 1b at least for an IB weapon for Laby. Good on the kids who keep the server running and the quality of updates down I guess.
  14. Don't you only get rewards from challenge mode?
  15. Henir can go home, I'm not geared enough to effectively farm Henir.