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  1. KanatoxLust

    [SleepingXKnights] suchen aktive member aus DE/Schweiz

    Ja, gerne ^^ auf dem Discord wird interessanter Weise sogar öfters geschrieben, als ingame, also ja..xD Wenn du wechseln möchtest, schreib einfach Yusara an~ Edit: Die Gilde ist endlich mal aufgeräumt und wir können wieder neue Memberchen finden!
  2. KanatoxLust

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    Some Add Buffs would be nice But seriously Laby is too op, especially Eternity Winner. If anyone here has seen ElswordZero's recent Videos with her, you know what I mean
  3. KanatoxLust

    [SleepingXKnights] suchen aktive member aus DE/Schweiz

    Also die Aktivität ist derzeit recht eingeschränkt, muss ich sagen. Dank Yusa haben wir einen aktiven member mehr, Pantalea ist leider selber eher weniger in dieser Gilde on und ich hocke eigentlich die meiste Zeit wahrscheinlich online rum. Wie gesagt ist der Gildenmeister derzeit auch inaktiv wegen seines Computers. Wir haben zwar auch andere Member, aber die meisten sind entweder komplett inaktiv oder kommen nur mal für eine Minute on. Ich bin aber auch am überlegen, ob man die Gilde etwas aktiver macht und ggf inaktive Member kickt, um wieder aktiver nach Leuten zu suchen. Das neue Event heute heißt farmen, ich werde also die nächsten Tage und die Weihnachtswoche wahrscheinlich gefühlt 24/7 on sein
  4. KanatoxLust

    [SleepingXKnights] suchen aktive member aus DE/Schweiz

    Ahahaha ich hab endlich mal die Zeit für gefunden end me die Gildenwerbung ist jetzt für 3 Tage aktiv, solltest du noch auf Gildensuche sein^^
  5. KanatoxLust

    [SleepingXKnights] suchen aktive member aus DE/Schweiz

    vielleicht sollten wir irgendwie mal was absprechen deswegen..xD ich versuche heute noch ein Guildadvertisement bei Myu zu posten, wird aber relativ spät^^"
  6. KanatoxLust

    [SleepingXKnights] suchen aktive member aus DE/Schweiz

    ahhh sorry, ich hab das erst jetzt gesehen Ich schreib dich an, wenn ich on bin
  7. KanatoxLust

    [SleepingXKnights] suchen aktive member aus DE/Schweiz

    Natürlich! Wir sind nur gerade etwas inaktiv, da der Herr Gildenmeister einen neuen Computer braucht.
  8. KanatoxLust

    Elsword Life Hacks

    sure, show me that DaS Spear for 80-90m~ sawwy I'm just kidding
  9. KanatoxLust

    Favorite Accessory and Why?

    For some reason I really love the The Closer Eyelace...dunnow why, but it fits like every set I have on my Adds and Renas and for some reason I almost never change it, even though glasses are sometimes pretty nice Accessoires. Other than that maybe the Faceoff-Accessoires, because heck who doesn't hates too much sparkling and shit? except it's as pink as my Aisha, then it's fine
  10. KanatoxLust

    Elsword Life Hacks

    Woha what?! I actually didn't knew this..no need to buy an overpriced Ara Weap now~
  11. KanatoxLust

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    Halloween Event incoming? Sounds nice, but I feel sorry for you Ran, must be hella lot of work
  12. KanatoxLust

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    I really hope everythung is included, not just the Heavy Trait Revamp uwu PLEASE I WANT TO MAIN RENA AGAIN
  13. KanatoxLust

    Who could be holding all the ED?

    30m or somewhat like that...Fund me an Ara IB, why are Ain's MQ Wings so damn cheap?!
  14. Design wise...I really hated Anemos from the first second and I was like "please KoG, fix this before you release her!". I just don't know why they gave her a damn tutu and even though they look cool, why the heck does she needs those tattoos?! I always thought of Rena as a kind of friendly, warm, but also calm person and Anemos just doesn't feels like it anymore. Also Code: Sariel's Design is a bit lackluster imo there are almost no changes from CbS to CS, except for the wings- oh wait, those are just like the Electric Heart Wings, nvm. The best Designs are Mad Paradox and Doom Bringer imo. not, because Add is my favourite Character or something Sure, Mad Paradox is just garbage to play against ingame, but I only say my opinion about their design. MP's Hyper is just so perfect for Add in general, because it just shows what he tried to achieve already as Time Tracer, but always failed and losing his mind from despair. Also, both of his forms looked already interesting when he was revealed, which made me curious about his background story. As for Doom Bringer...not much, but a class design, which fits the class name~
  15. I have seen a lot of Herrschers and Code: Sariels, as well as Metamorphys and Aether Sages. Also Mad Paradoxes are somewhat common, but not as much as others excluding myself, 'cuz MP is my new main. I didn't saw any Elesis Class tbh, Chung, Raven, Ara and Luciel are also kinda rare