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  1. When I quit years ago I focused a lot on life and grew a lot. I'm really sorry something like that happened to you but I hope you find something new, have a good one
  2. let's get the gang back together and make the next [RoyalMaid] like back in the day
  3. hey may I join?~ IGN: StephyuStar Why do you want to join?: just looking for a guild I can feel comfortable in while building my main. I'm very undergeared since I just came back from hiatus this week. I need friends since everyone I knew has quit lmao Age?: 17 I'm online right now if you're interested in inviting me~
  4. I don't know why I'm coming back, but I just downloaded it and I feel so many different emotions this is too much Starting from zero since I gave my account away and (as expected and I wanted it to be) it's completely cleared. Just got my titles, pets, and mounts. I'll probably make a new character and main an Ain; I've never really had the chance to play him. I'm actually so excited, but everyone I used to know seems to be gone and this game feels completely different. There's so many things I dont remember and don't understand. time to learn from the beginning~ DAY 1 MARRIAGE BOIS
  5. hi stephy

    1. Fast Snail
    2. Hail


      oh jeeze you came back.

  6. It was created in june of 2014, I just don't play so I can't get a screenshot from in game proving that. My sister and I made it the first day of void. I understand if it's not believed o/
  7. Don't have the screenshot, but I know the 2nd guild created was [RoyalMaid], which doesn't exist anymore.
  8. wife do you still play

    1. chancey


      why didnt u pm me on discord wife

      and i do not play

  9. yes and what is wrong with IP. does everyone hate him now or something? dont worry i dont pvp
  10. hi im back its been over a year (previously known as Stephy or DeadlyChaser, gave those accounts/IGNs to my friends so theyre not mine anymore) wow ive missed so much and most of my friends quit fun gonna cap an IP
  11. Why not just put your cursor over the coin before accepting the trade to make sure...? Seems like a really unnecessary change. -1