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  1. [Official] ED Wipe Discussion Thread

    server status @VoidEls ?
  2. Server Issue Discussion Thread

    oh elsword art online done ? ok ty ran and void cm u,u
  3. Server Issue Discussion Thread

    and how to fix when server have issues ? and im not staff can ez fix this issues so be smart before talking :>
  4. Server Issue Discussion Thread

    1v1 official pls :>
  5. Server Issue Discussion Thread

    @VoidEls no EMT yet ? since much issue stacking at login screen or teleport to field
  6. Server Issue Discussion Thread

    dem i think im gonna solo player LOOOOOL
  7. [5/12/17] Void V2.1 - Discussion Thread

    well is this the great feature only void have it
  8. [5/12/17] Void V2.1 - Discussion Thread

    yea manual patch and replace file
  9. [5/12/17] Void V2.1 - Discussion Thread

    np mate requiem still got buff :> so keep shiny with EE LMFAO
  10. [5/12/17] Void V2.1 - Discussion Thread

    oh wait another question, Will we be able to manually patch like single link ? @VoidEls