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  1. oh elsword art online done ? ok ty ran and void cm u,u
  2. LOL
  3. and how to fix when server have issues ? and im not staff can ez fix this issues so be smart before talking :>
  4. 1v1 official pls :>
  5. @VoidEls no EMT yet ? since much issue stacking at login screen or teleport to field
  6. dem i think im gonna solo player LOOOOOL
  7. well is this the great feature only void have it
  8. yea manual patch and replace file
  9. np mate requiem still got buff :> so keep shiny with EE LMFAO
  10. oh wait another question, Will we be able to manually patch like single link ? @VoidEls
  11. nah i have 54k ap lol
  12. and we dont apply Eltrion Mk2 raid ? @VoidEls