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  1. Dile a tu novio que me venda un elri 4/4 +10 sellado en 2.4B

    Oferta furry family friendly


    1. Moky


      Vale le diré cuando esté :syobonyanSit:

  2. Its gonna be as easy as a open launcher and wait for the updates Or do we have to uninstall and install again?
  3. I've never tried one of these designer events xD

    I'll try this time, im in love with the Style i did on my eve *-*



    1. GodMarron


      holy.. aaaaaaaaaaa :araWant:

  4. Has been watching my old posts on here. 

    Omg, im just doing an embarrasino to myself x'D. 

    2019 already huh?... 

    Oh oh, i tried again to go into the Forum Mod team by doing a recruiting thread :3 its my 3rd time

    Lets see if i can finally join it ~


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    2. ⚜ Ŧʊરℓσι∂ ⚜
    3. Zac


      Woofy woofy

    4. MikuHatsune


      miaouw , gl darling~

      I think you would make an excellent mod <3


  5. One more month that i won't buy IBs I mean TT... MF... No Thanks. I need SG or PDr so bad :'c
  6. Well, i has been always inside that world here in VoidEls And i could say that economy, right now, is pretty decent, could be better, of course, as some people still overprice things that should not, and others also paying insanely ammounts for items that not worth that much, but im pretty sure its gonna get better in the future, i think. Currently, Void is so death, so is economy. Not so many people selling, or even buying things. Its hard to try to sell our stuffs right now and it takes a long time (with some luck you get buyers fast) But yah, its pretty decent right now, just check NA prices and you'll understand it lmao.
  7. Tbh i dun see the point on nerfing on pve xD but its ok tho. I dun even care about pvp But as im here Imma just gonna say Buff my lovely Code:Sariel And please remove her hyper and create a new one that's better.
  8. Well i hope SDs got a boost too, since im getting 0-1 shards on runs :/
  9. *plays Ddu Du Ddu Du* Welcome ~ enjoy the community :D we're so random tbh xD so you'll mostly find that funny