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  1. Not advertising it but I'm actually selling Rose's EOvD combo if anyone is interested~
  2. Can't agree more than this. -1
  3. Requel

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Well, even if it dies, I’ll be playing the offline JP beta version of the game, just for love and passion.
  4. Ara should stay as it is, maybe some buffs on Shakti since she’s kinda dead at the current PvE meta though. And please, stop saying that Devi is a class that excells only in PvP and not in PvE, like the fuck?
  5. There, no need to thank me.
  6. Requel

    Im back shitlords

    Belcome Weck.
  7. Requel

    ★[MillenniumStar] ★PvE Guild★

    In-Game Name: Eini Level: 12 ( New and Main Character ) Timezone: UTC-04:00 (Brasillia's Hour) How Active Are You ~: Almost Everyday. What made you to join ~: I saw It's a nice guild, so why won't I give a try ~ c: Did you read the rules ~: Yes And I'll accept all of then! Do you like Purple ~: Is not my main colour but I like too! ♥ If not, then what's your favourite colour ~: Pink and White!
  8. Requel

    Is it just me who finds this tedious? (+11)

    I don't care about the effect visual of It, I care about how the effect of the equipament n' such. So yeah, I care about the effects of the damage n' such. ded
  9. Requel

    This Is me!

    Hello guys! I'm NOT new on the game, but new on the Forum. I'm Cássia Martins de Rouverborn, I'm 13 years old, I'm Brazillian and my Main/User Is Crimson Avenger (CAv/CrA) I'm not an Interesting person, I mean, I don't have something Interesting about my life, so yeah. o u o'' I hope we all can be friends! o u o''