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  1. fuck my Work will not let me farm those 999 dungeons
  2. OH GOD finally an event and a fucking good one
  3. Koruz

    Wtf apple

    oh, so that's why there is a lot of bots... APPLES
  4. Koruz

    Favorite World/Region?

    Feita, That zone is so chill
  5. Koruz

    Ereda Queue <3

    I just hate the new ereda Because is to damn long thats why I avoid it
  6. Koruz

    New player joining from Official

    Welcome and nice to meet you too Montante
  7. Koruz

    [3/2/18] IB Rotation discussion

    Time to load ec
  8. My best time with my Cra +10 4D
  9. Koruz

    Put Living armor in IM

    I kinda liked it a lot when I used it with my elesis + Low hair and Perkisas hair English is not my best thing xD
  10. Koruz

    Put Living armor in IM

    I really liked this armor and now I can't get it anymore, so I suggest to put it in the the Item mall idk how to put the vote thing
  11. Koruz

    Increase Random Mission chance

    Lv it then
  12. Koruz

    New items for neun shop

    +1 only pet aura
  13. Koruz

    1000 Add Theory Runs Achievement

    They should change the reward of 777 runs for a weapon qwq
  14. Koruz

    Difficulty Spike?

    Elysion You can't play that zone with normal weapons