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  1. +1 since void els got the precious wedding set perma too, this one should get the perma
  2. Altera rest area (field) the soundtrack are pretty good rather than other rest area (field) ... And KoG delete this rest area...
  3. At the 1st playing the game when 2nd job release : 1) Playing Grand Archer (rena) 2) Lord Knight (elsword) 3) Lord Knight (elsword)
  4. Where we can get that perki breath? After phase 3? Or on the box?
  5. can i asking something .. ? iam just DL the movies + musics + eventscene data or all with the full client + movies+musics+eventscene ... i bored now tbh
  6. it's work ? to many link btw make me confused .. but i will try ,,, legit didnt it ?
  7. @Chalista how long i will waiting for the data ? this is legit right ?
  8. just clear the lanox quest u will allow to go elysion station if u not done yet the quest u will not cant go futher to there
  9. i prefer you waiting data client from admin void for the safety ... we just can wait ...
  10. mine is 13 hours and still dont yet ... 0,6b/s rip my day for waiting this shiet
  11. @Takarou : Thanks man @Rivia : thank you for the threads
  12. hmmm.. like the tittle, i wanna ask to you guys where can i dl gpatcher for my void if you know please gimme ur link on comment below thank you~