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  1. oh yes daddy endgame weary emoji

  2. man I see you almost everywhere on numerous game forums and I think its cool that your personality and opinions are consistent rather than ever changing due to facades

  3. For fuck's sake the Elsword community is such a wretched failure. The correct answer is Aisha. Lu is loli cancer that would be fit to be punted into the woodchipper if her adult form wasn't so hot.
  4. please get a profile picture 

  5. mommy i need milk


  7. you are DW's father


  8. hi does mommy DW get buffed

    1. Endgame


      Oh yes. She's back to being high tier.

  9. I don't love it. This shit is wrong.
  10. KOG just shot themselves in the foot. Time for Void to shit all over official versions forever.
  11. 10% HP for Add is, what? Two hits from a +8 weapon?