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  1. ✧ Name: Kayla ✧ IGN: Lnn ✧ Class: Metamorphy ✧ Age (optional): 19 ✧ Gender: Female ✧ Country: USA ✧ Timezone: EST ✧ Language(s): English ✧ Previous guild (if you were in one before): None ✧ Are you a member/ally or guest?: Member ✧ About (if you have anything else to add): I like sleeping
  2. Pizza is just nasteh

  3. Well it at least makes you aware of how other characters basically work. don't understand why Aisha's use teleport so much unless you play Aisha. Kinda makes you appreciate (dunno if that's the right word) the way other classes work and function before you bash on them. And it allows you to expect what other people are going to do while comboing / catching.
  4. Byu

    U...Umm hello

    Welcome! Enjoy the wonderful world of Void Forums
  5. Byu

    Sander Teleport Bug?

    It's happening to the most, if not all of us. It's an old bug that occurred when Void first opened, before we got raid bosses. Should pass over soon, most likely when boss time is over with. If it's not fixed, don't be surprised if it happens once more when boss pops up again. Hopefully they fix it too. The lag that accompanies it is a pain also.
  6. キラキラ輝く未来の光!キュアハッピー!

  7. "Twinkling, shining, light of the future! Cure Happy!" キラキラ輝く未来の光!キュアハッピー!

  8. I kinda get what you're saying here. If the staff wanted to make this a thing, a GS or staff member should have made the channel...and then at least credit Komari with the idea. It's a great idea, don't get me wrong, it's just for a fact people will question why it was made by a member if it does become so popular. I just feel like maybe a staff member should have made the channel. *sees the unofficial* ah.k.ignorethatthen. But I'll still join o/ noonedungeonslikewhat
  9. Byu

    Dismantle IB parts and Get Ice Crystals

    Sorry about the salt, you'll find it in every thread you see ^^; But no, I don't recommend this because then instead of selling their pulls, many cashers will just dismantle extra pulls so they can get enough IC to get the full set, which will lower the chance of non-cashers getting IBs, and increase the value of ICs and IBs more. There won't be any IBs if everyone dismantles them!
  10. Byu

    Making Weekends Worth it ^_^ It's already easy to level as it is, maybe an exp medal if you're logged on for a certain amount of time is as far as I would go. For now, we don't need anyone facerolling to 70, already people can get 70 in one day, let's not make it 1 hour ^^;
  11. Byu

    Mysticz Third EC Event Winners~

    Congratulations to all those who won!~
  12. Ohohoh I'll join too~ Why not, who doesn't love playing dress up?! IGN: Be
  13. Byu

    So I've been gone for a bit.

    Yee. Thavidu bby <3 It's Ocean, message me more on Skype you dummy. :c