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  5. I just realized that just happend to me. Yea it's easier than before.
  6. I also thought that. Is it because that time remaining? So, if you struggling to reach SSS, when the time remaining ends your rank will be reset?
  7. Really? It's not even Friday.
  8. Last night, my rank was B. But now I dont have rank. Also my PvP record turn into 0. It's not like I care about rank. I just want to know why.
  9. Hi Stay~

    How's your day?

    1. Stay


      Hi there! Not too bad thanks, how about you~?

    2. Riku Azureshade

      Riku Azureshade

      Good to hear that. I am good too. 

  10. Bump.
  11. Secret Dungeons are not that hard, I can solo by using cube gear --with buff-- about 12-14 mins, because I am not used to. But yeah, the bosses are painful. About Atlas and Elysion, Atlas dungeons are not so hard, you can still finish them if you know the pattern. However Elysion, those dungeons are so freaking annoying. Like the mob can charge at you by using super armor, guard stance with a lot damage red., that reflect archer, and not too mention the Bosses. First, that Hernia Orb using all chasing orbs that deal alot damage and sometimes give you silence debuff. When Hernia Shield gets near, Hernia Orb cant be hit (invincible). You must teleport to other side to separate them. When separated Hernia Orb still has invincibility, you must wait a moment til that invincibility's gone. When gone, the Hernia Shield is already near. Aaargh... Hernia Orb invincible again. Then Herbaon, this boss is more annoying. He literally is abusing super armor and invincible. When you hit him several damage, he use that super armor and flee by teleporting. The most hard thing is, when he go to center map, into what the heck mode attack. He use a barrier if you dont break the barrier, he will launch so much lasers that can kill you. Sadly, it's hard too, to break the barrier, you need a lot of damage. I still dont reach Solace so I dont really know him. But he is definitely a lot more annoying.
  12. Idk, maybe I just suck. Xd Thanks fam. Gonna do that next time. Btw I am using IS. His bravery skills are meh. Phantom Sword only deals a lil' damage. Final Strike casts bit long.
  13. I do attack him, every time he goes to center. However, he always releases them lasers. Like my skills are nothing.
  14. Darn you Herbaon for abusing Super Armor and Invincibulity. Seriously how to stop that lasers.
  15. Idk if I falsely understand.