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  1. hOi

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jochira


      I g0t sticks!!!

    3. TemmieChung



      u gota... Sticks!!!


      but i'm so pOOR!

      fund tem muns!!!

    4. Jochira
  2. qbkC8FR.png

    prince temmie seiker

    only took 10~20 mins to make LOL

    1. TemmieChung


      OMG!!! this is so GOOds!

      can tem use...

      hnn.... (die)

    2. Ceejay


      but ofc u can use it!!

      tbh i had made it out of boredom ha ha

      feel free to have it as ur icon or even put it in your about-- im glad temmie likes it!! 

    3. TemmieChung



      i luv this!


      thank u!

  3. NA Voices to JP Voices

    yaYA!!! i luv Sawashiro Miyuki too! hnn....
  4. The calm after the storm

    That is why EC sellers are rare to see now. Which cause EC back to stupid rate. No, I don't blame you. I just don't like those unpatient buyers. yaYA!! bOI!!!
  5. Time to Say Goodbye

    nuuuuuuuuu.... why u quit? p!!!!!!!!! Sorry could not sell you pet. ;-; Good luck with your next destination. Hope you have fun there. bOI!!
  6. RM/RMr being the NEXT rotation.

    yayA!!! b...but... p!!!!!!!!!!!! Ain dun have yet...
  7. ! Change IB system ! Lets get back our IB price qwq

    Finally everyone realized this system, huh? +infinite
  8. (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    > Playing ATh on Henir with a random > Wearing HR. 29 +9 > Spamming Dreimal · Schwerttanz > "btw I am recorded and I will report for using hack." > LOOOOOOOOOOL
  9. [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    I mean, some people have priority stuff to bring. Do I need to arrange from hi priority to low priority?
  10. [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    @Lure about the Summer Vacation event. Do we need to arrange the stuff?
  11. Make Salt great again!

    +1 Yes, please. Make PvP worth it. Eventho I quitted PvP.
  12. NA Voices to JP Voices

    This needs more bummps
  13. IM packages

    Yes, please. +1 I was planning to make the same suggestion before. But I also don't know how to explain. However, what I think. Whenever new IM/dance sets come, make temporary sale package/cube. The sale duration will be just like limited sale-- 2 weeks. The cost must have lowered. If one set contains 6 pieces (normaly cost 3600 EC), it will be 3000 EC. If set contains 7 pieces (normally 4200), it will be 3600 EC. And so on.
  14. Refund Event Suggestion [Update]

    How to distribute Void Light if mail is still bugged. So they wont even give Void Light. /forhenir
  15. How Much ED you lost

    I meant, I sold them. My ED was in tickets. So yea, I lost them. RIP.