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  1. Hello there~.... Welcome to Void elsword... have a wonderful time here....^u^
  2. I do need this dwink... *slurps* Hi there~ ... ^u^ We've never met before so I just wanted to greet you a pleasant day..
  3. Well hello, and Welcome to the Voidels Forums.... hope you'll have a great time here... love the pic... <3 , <3
  4. Hi BluechaserNC... ^u^ Welcome to Void.. Hope you have a great time here.... (Chung is life. Chung is soul. Chung is love).. >u< If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me... ^u^
  5. Nice to meet you Poofed (what a cute name >u<)..... Hope to see you in-game.. ^u^
  6. Thank you.. so far my stay here is somehow enjoyable... ^u^ Hope to see you in-game Nice to meet you too... Hope we can see each other in-game and be friends.. >u< Nice to meet you Vispera. With lovely people like you around, I am having fun... ^u^
  7. So yeah, I joined Voidels on March 10, 2016, and have been messing around here in the Forums since then. But I noticed that I never made a proper introduction, so here it is. (After more than a year) Hello everyone, I'm Shiku Yurushi. You might have seen my presence in some threads (which might have annoyed you and sorry for that... ^u^v) My national language isn't English so I'm hoping you could forgive my grammar. I'm here to make friends, not enemies nor rivals. I can be a little bit sarcastic at times (which, believe me, can hurt you) so I'll apologize in advance. I'm a PVE player. I never did like PVP knowing that my enemy is controlled by another human... lawl... I have met some nice people here in void... And I'm hoping, through this intro, can meet another bunch of lovely people. Nice to meet you all... ^u^
  8. @SnowyAlolan Well hello there... ^u^... Welcome to Void..Hope that you'll have a wonderful time here If you need help, feel free to ask.. ^u^ Have a great day.. >u<
  9. Ahh..., those secret dungeons can be found in Elder to Lanox dungeons(one each town)... There are only two dungeons available every day that you can enter... Today, available at Lanox (Grand Cavern) and Velder (Velder's Hallucination).... hmmm... it seems you're pretty new here.... I'll pm the other stuff I usually do in elsword to you so we won't make a flood here..... ^u^. hope it helps...
  10. @AzizaToinette Hi there.... ^u^ ...Welcome to Void Elsword... If you want a tip about why you die, maybe because you're going through those OP Elysion dungeons?... You can try going through the Secret Dungeons first and you can gain Exp in those. (well, that's what I did) ..... They're much easier for me compared to the last four dungeons of Elysion.... If you have questions, please, by all means, don't hesitate... Have a great time here... ^u^
  11. Hello Rea.. ^u^... please enjoy the forums as much as you like.... If you're looking for a friend, don't hesitate to call me... ..... ... Now I'm sounding like I'm desperate.. hahaha Anyways Good day!.. >u<
  12. So it's the Heroic then??... The Henir set also takes time... 5 months i think if played by a single character....
  13. I never tried that...... hmmm... I'll test it out next time... XD
  14. I know..... My highest kill was 157 monsters but still lost.... I'll just wait for the admins to fix it....