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  1. To be honest its so fu*** hard to get it and its only a SKILL. Like really,I did like 60 dung even more I farmed 2 hours. and no Skill no shit as I see in board they sell it for 500m+ 500m for skill? Are ED becomes so cheap? This is the first time I See Void's Staff mistakes like this Most of (MOD) skills are trash. But even of this we want to feel like we got a new skills and test and have fun Come on ~ What happen? I'm I in Void?
  2. idk why you guys took this so sexist and what do you mean that i'm crazy? and for me you're the most rude person I have ever seen in my life lol Start ignoring me in discord and stuff for no fucking reason and now you come and comment it my topic? This is really too much
  3. You can’t call the all girls thots okay ? Respect yourself if you don’t like anyone call your mom/sister “thots”. Do me a favor and Stop writing ur shits here : ) I’m tired of being nice to those shit people.
  4. take it as a "Whatsupp group" WHY YOU MAKE IT SO BIG OMG? stop this please I Will just close the Topic if this keep going in this way -.-
  5. True : ) I mean girls so we can unterstand each other and etc talk about stuff :/ But yea everyone gets it the way he wants : ) so lol
  6. Ur words hurt a little bit but ty.
  7. Ugh Got it wrong again. Ty I will let you know if we got it : ) I hope soo ! Yeaaa !!
  8. The name is great tho. By The way.I can't see better leader than you !! And yea if that happend ofc we will make Discord group and etc !! " No such guild exists." What does that means?
  9. I edited it, I Got it wrong in first :/ love ♥
  10. Rip me,just edited it ty for telling me ♥ : ) ♥♥
  11. I need those people in mylife ♥♥ Happy to know that I didn't bother you ^^ and yea sometimes things gone so wrong and we forgot the point of the main idea imagination, was have a lot of things to do :/
  12. I got a lot of gay and etc friends they are amazing people and I love them a lot. I never hated anyone tho, I just don't know how they create idea like this gosh I gotta delete this post. and sorry again if I hurt you or something I really don't mean it.
  13. Sorry,ur allowed (i'm not even the leader of the guild) I just post in idea for the girls out there but as you see look it those guys they want to eat us lmao !