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  1. _Vi_


    Ello~ Welcome to the forums~ Just saw your Void's Artist WIP entry, looks cute
  2. My first char for the first time I play the game (in NA official server) was Elsword. Not sure if I was a noob or the game was considerably harder back then like longer dungeons and tankier mobs, that I only reached around level 20s with Sword Knight lol. I later gave Raven a try then Chung during his first release in NA. In Void, I played the reversed order, Chung (DC) > Raven (RF) > Eslword (RS).
  3. Ty ty Marisia~ Been nice talking with ya
  4. Yesh! I like the ideas of modding the skills in 3rd job. I got Ara to Apsara not long ago and absolutely love that big "evolved" Spiritual Dragon and how she can "throw" her Moonlight Slash forward!! I take me really long and multiple revives to do the dungeons in Elrianode area lol. Mostly I just got carried by my gf XD . I suck And I still haven't unlocked Varminyr though, I think.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome~ And yeah, I'm testing out all the old characters again and also trying new ones. Enjoying it so far xD Just little bit sad that the dungeons got shorten and simplified :'c
  6. Thanks Lylan~ I saw you around the forum while I was lurking lol. You seem to be nice~ Hope we can get along :3
  7. Hi... So... since I just changed my profile picture and forum name, I think maybe I should make an introduction thread here. Name's Vi, real name btw. I've been playing Elsword since 2011 then joined Void in 2015. I took 3-year break and just came back to Void beginning of this month. I was pretty inactive on forum back then so I didn't know many people in Void. Hope to change that and make some new friends here this time~ P.S. My previous forum name was The Orbital if anyone is wondering.
  8. +1 NA also excluded guides from their necro rule. I don't see why we can't.
  9. Oh nice then~ Thank you for the clarification~
  10. Hi Shi, is it just "sky periods" for this week designer theme? Or anything related to sky counts? Since my entry is a Stormy Sky... not quite a "sky period" lol. I could have misread the theme. Anyway I had fun dressing up my Add :3