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  1. One day we will roast each other again ;3 Till then, take care, i wish you the best of luck.
  2. Leaving Blade Godster ? Over my dead body.
  3. Man, just relax. Waiting doesn't hurt. Play some RTS, those are killing the time.
  4. >Registered 3 days ago >Roasted already On a serious note: Judging by the other posts and upvotes of this main post i can guess that this is the whole truth. However, this is not only Void's problem - many communities are like that. I've met many people and i see the purpose of this post. Even if this is the truest claim that's been claimed on this forum ever - we won't change the people. Cancer was, is and surely will be in any community. That's the sad truth. I believe someone have already said this. Post is strong. Very strong, but possibility of changing something is really low, unfortunately. But still, there's a lil' spark of hope when people aren't like that. I personally don't feel ofended/involved in this post. But still, any initiative to "cure" this community is highly apperciated (at least by me). UPVOTING.
  5. I'd say Raven's movement capability is great for him. Also Add's V-stepping tricks are delicious.
  6. We don't know it for sure. There's no sense in making predictions imo. It can only bring more shitstorm towards this topic. Besides, what those predictions can change ? Nothing. The only thing we can do is waiting anyways.
  7. Naah, she's OP but not in bullshit matter. Just need to dodge n' trick a lot.
  8. Well, Void is the last non-renewal garrison. If you want play something pre-renewal, this is the best time. Will be missing Reverse Reactor. Dis slow + Plasma Shock. Needed to change the build. Also Flying Impact ;< Or pissing people off by Pulse Gatling. Or being a Diabolic Sniper with Void Impact. pfft, post-renewal >>^zx But Elsword is changing as we are. Saying goodbye to "Max 5lvl Skill Tree" was hard to me, but i've had to accept this. Future isn't that dark, chill tho ^.^
  9. Greetings, m'boi ;3 Welcome to Void's forums/VoidEls ~!
  10. limiter is love. accel is life.
  11. *bows down* Thank you, friends. I greatly appreciate your greetings ;3 Hope we will cooperate/be nice to each other n' stuff. It's time to enter "The Hellsword".
  12. We all know one of those is DW for sure. ... rite ?