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  1. Current rotation is pretty bad aswell, that's a reason for the low EC rates, they'd jump higher prolly as we get some laby ibs
  2. seems like retardedly broken to me tbh
  3. I have a +10 FB type-void and i can rest yall assured its fucking garbage, not even 1/20 of my HE's damage so yeah.. +10 is indeed still bad for a weap
  4. realtalk the only reason i moved to NA right now is due to events so, yeah boye u right
  5. edited, yet people which cannot run the dungeon will probably bother about getting atleast 60% crit and not the Blessed time and space scrolls but still
  6. 1) Exchange 5 Sugar cubes for 1 blessed time and space scroll 2) Exchange 5 / 10 coffee beans for 1 blessed time and space scroll 3) <suggested> Just keep the idea and add it for a future event~
  7. I have atleast 450 burns in a row with no accessoary or a weapon, arent the pull rates 5th rate since LoW rota came, HMMMM
  8. *just a suggestion for us to get the cube with 5 random unique pieces of the same color again, pls put this, thanks*
  9. ExPlAiN wHy Or YoUr VoTe DoEsN'T CoUnT You can already cap in void for less than 14 hours and having the accessoary is not needed at all as you can get experience bonuses from other sources~
  10. yespls i have to leave type-void, put RoF start it and switch to heroes of the speed ring every 2min...