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  1. even if you were hacked, you can't get your stuffs back.
  2. Hi~ a quick suggestion, we used to have night mode on towns as a default, I don't know what happen to them since I was taking a long break and starts playing regularly again when xmas event arrived. I miss them scenery of night, plus its very eye-friendly, my eyes getting hurt lately (I bet yours too) from seeing towns so bright, not complaining about how current towns look though but it would be great if we have night mode as permanent set up. what do you guys think?
  3. +1 since people didn't really need that, plus minimize the trolls.
  4. yesss it looks awesome +1
  5. yeah actually the 4/4 HR didn't affect raw damage that much, except for weapon. anyway, I think you should think about the 10% skill damage boost, bc it's pretty damn nice to have, especially for skill that you spam a lot, but finding those 3 stats that match your class will be pain in the ars. I've been looking for days (maybe week(s)) stalking the board and still can't find any decent stats ;;
  6. I don't think we got any optimization tbh, it feels pretty much the same as 1.8, maybe just slight improvement, but overall a full party of DLs/NBs/MMs/GAs/Roses/Ains and other chars with flashy skills got my fps killed. we do have new effect setting which turns off skill effect as well, it runs lot better but where's the fun, plus I can't see my own lasers as a CBS, like.. what
  7. +1, missed jp voices so much its funny how people triggered over a suggestion, simply put yes/no and you're good
  8. they should work imo anyway, bit off topic, everyone seems to talk heroic set a lot, but what about the new sd set, is it any good compared to heroic?
  9. <void ver> when is dead af, pls refrain replying to those, im dying
  10. I need a download link > <
  11. never heard na voices, might give it a try especially for luciel and ain, bc their kr voices hurt my ears badly
  12. yeah I was expecting eltrion too, but this huge updates replaces it easily. only staff can answer this question tbh, just wait and see, it will arrives sooner or later.
  14. bc its fandom