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  1. What happend to the economy?

    uhm sorry? there's someone offering more but I decided to sell it to you hun pls don't make me feel bad as people believe it'll hit 15b or it already is
  2. What happend to the economy?

    when you got 2bil for selling your rmr headress because you think its already op, then someone resell it for like 4b with c/o at 3b ish, like wtf
  3. do I have to download four freaking gigs all over again? dude I'm expecting it would be 100mbs or less
  4. Eye color/Face recolors!

    +1 I want naruto's characters eyes lol
  5. +1 come on make this happen I'm struggling is this count as necro?
  6. +1 I like it before, now not so much, it lost its 'retro' look since being 'fixed'.
  7. Bring back Corgi and Maru mount

    +1 because why tf not, plus they're super adorable. might get one if available on item mall. *oh wait ec rate is broken*
  8. Easier PvE classes than CBS in SDs?

    its really hard to beat CBS in terms of combos, the closest are Opt and FR. so she's most likely got mvp crown even without op gear other than that, GAs. NBs, EEs, even STs could outrun CBS if they know what they're doing, CBS needs plenty of time killing supreme monster (needles+linear divider/stream or sweep rolling), heck if you're in speed run you'll notice that casting needles take forever x)
  9. Implement Aura Of Darkness & Aura Of Gloom In IBs

    +1 its getting rare, and if you find one on board, usually they got no seal left.
  10. How good is the 5/5 effect on CM?

    was wondering too .-.
  11. when you're too op that your party start giving up on doing damage
  12. Server Downtime Thread

    I'm here to see about server status, but all find is.. nvm
  13. Nerf Ain on Next Patch

    -1 it'll come eventually, and no I'm not an Ain player
  14. Im Baaaaaaaaaack

    welcome back~