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  1. ^ The only fun i have every event is reading this, i kinda luv the new pots that ran makes, hopefully we will get a special lilu and yata (vodka) beverage (hopefully not -90%HP, pretty sure structure one gonna be like : Lock on sight ! )
  2. 1/ MEL My suggestions is about the changes that happened a long time ago in void when void team decided to cripple the CDr bonus as a way to : find cheaters , so they decided to probably delete the bonus CD socket from MEL chronicle and by doing so > making the item useless. now that pretty much everyone has CD erp and can spam the same skill in a matter of second i think it´s time to give MEL chronicle his bonus back. 2/ Henir extraction : knowing that everyone is using elrianode, D4 became useless, but with the extraction system he gained a little bit of utility if we can actually succeed in extracting anything ......... the sad truth is .... the extraction system is so bad even if you extract 10 bonuses from any heroic item to ur D4 you certainly will only succed once ... and it s probably gonna be the skill tier bonus and not the main bonus. i m suggesting to upgrade the extraction success rate, and if possible make it so that we have 50/50 chance of getting the main bonus and not : 50% fail > 40%of the time get the skill tier one> 10% main bonus. because not only it´s expensive to try and extract a bonus, but if we keep failing and loosing the heroic item in the process , disaster ! imagine destroying 10 heroic gloves with ASD 44% to only get a 10% gungnir xD
  3. gay ass :^)

    1. Courtney


      You wish phat bish <3


  4. I still dont know why void would put an end game scroll for so cheap ........ think about it for 1 second void made quite a lot of $ from people trying to +11 using ore and all those whales who spent thousand of $ for full +11, now why would a compagny who make soo many money using this system just decide to throw it all ? was it for the sake of the player ? i dont believe so. Back in the old days, when +10 was the limit it was the hardest thing to achieve, void never gave out or put +10 scroll in any event, the maximum they did was put +9: because +10 was the limit. 1,5 years ago the limit went to +11 : void started to put +10 and give MA +10 in certain event, giveaways, but they never once tried to mess with +11 because it was their source of income. now that they are starting to put +11 in events and such ? is it them trying to bring +12 to void ?
  5. Truth has been spooken Sariel 30%atkspd be like : GIGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA > 5 sec later > Streaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa > 2sec later > aaaaaaaaaam > lazors finally comming out same with every skill tho xD
  6. My Fortune went flying away, i remember whispering Xenny afterward and being like : WE ARE POOR HAHAHAHA !! (dat being said soo many hoes before the Ticket wipe put all their fortune in alts 1,9b each x infinite THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ILLEGAL !!!)
  7. and who s gonna pay the bills ? running a server cost money sadly. btw if you played the server long enough, u ll know all temporary shit comes back in events at certain point .....
  8. spent all my ed on chungs <3 (just kidding)
  9. Having full elrianode tears drop rate + full 4% socket item drop rate + title and Greed and sometime getting 0 loot, breaks my heart and soul !
  10. goodluck with ur carrer vilaintina <3 xD
  11. I though you were a chung, i was disapointed ;( welcome anyway xD
  12. Overdose on coffee probably.
  13. dats a marketing trick. also dont forget that new IBS comming next week ;)
  14. 1/ making ed in this server is soo easy 2/ someone has to pay for the server so it stays running and ran addiction to caffein. 3/ dat pose on chung just melted my anger <3