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  1. aaaaa sad des ;w; even though you told me you already quit xD will stalk you on discord!
  2. i mean if you don't like the event don't play it?
  3. hgfhnvfhbcfhnvccggvv love you tooo! -must friend ig xD-
  4. that pretty much ^ i wouldn't really worry about the people that say no though its all up to you!
  5. welcome back! And yesh nisha is fun -though Radiant stole my heart LOL-
  6. aaaa i just got off -sad mom- but one of the admins will accept it ♡
  7. of course! Will send a invite x3 also placed a guild ad up at myu so just apply there when you can and I'll get to it
  8. +1 that would be a huge help Dx even if it was only for like two weeks