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  1. Nemmy


    accepted x3 -oof just logged off though but I'll see if one of the admins can invite you
  2. honestly I'd like to see sariel be able to boss a bit better and ultimate have better mp and movement
  3. Nemmy


    alrighty will send invite <3
  4. Nemmy


    oof hope your feeling better I'll put one up or I can just invite you if your on now
  5. would definitely have to say my eve has the most stuff -i fund her too much xD- but I'm also starting to get more Add stuff
  6. Nemmy


    accepted! I'll be on shortly go ahead and apply at myu (there should be one still up) and I'll get it <3
  7. Nemmy


    sure thing!
  8. Nemmy


    accepted! If your on I'll be on in a few minutes or you can apply at myu -haiiii Almond-
  9. hiya! Hope you have fun on the forums and in game ^w^
  10. haiii shi! ♡ grats on becoming mod and adorable intro btw
  11. haiii Nai! congrats on becoming a mod