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  1. Elsword in a nutshell
  2. Relog your client fully, things should be back to normal now. It was most likely an issue that carried on from our test server.
  3. Our custom CDN is faster than MEGA in most cases since they put caps. You can use our downloader here: http://cdn.voidels.to/VoidDownloader.msi If it's super slow for you, just give it a couple of hours until the majority of fast-speed players finish downloading and the nodes free up.
  4. They've been both possible since 1.8 or even before that as far as I remember. +13 is disabled though.
  5. i din du nothin
  6. That's been a thing for a while. "APPOSTASIA WHEN?" ~ 2 days after the release "THIS CLASS IS TOO OP, SO SHIT, WTF VOID WHY YOU IMPLEMENT THIS, REVERT PLZ" Every character release went down like this so far since Add, nothing new.
  7. 2,5m and 3 materials.
  8. 1. Hoarding literally means "the purchase of large quantities of a commodity with the intent of pushing up the price. An investor hoping to increase the price of a commodity can do so by leveraging his or her demand for it, and buying physical inventory as well as purchasing futures contracts for that commodity. Hoarding is basically no different than buying and keeping a commodity. However, if the investor's intent is to corner or otherwise monopolize a commodity, then it may be considered an illegal act." - Straight out of an economy dictionary. 2. We are planning to revisit the rates (most likely give them another 100% increase) on both IBs in the next rotation for all piece pulls. 3. A new ED burner is in the works, which will hopefully sink a large portion of ED in circulation. 4. ICs are not coming back as I've stated in multiple threads. IBs are not a "must" have item, if people didn't have the ED to buy for billions, people wouldn't be selling sets for those amounts in the first place. 5. Here are some ED stats from the server to give you a general perspective: 6,172,230,428,899 ED (6,1 Trillion) is currently available just via character inventory as standard stored ED. In addition to that 6,1 Trillion, you have Coins, Certificates & Tickets amounting the following (as of right now): There is 9,4 trillion of pure ED in circulation just amounting from character inventory and coins stored in said inventory, given the amount of people who store most of these items in the account bank, that number is likely much higher. If you want to blame anyone, blame the people who are selling for that much, because they know well enough people can afford to cough that up. Let's not pretend we didn't have "what are these IB prices, the economy is dying, apocalypse is upon us" threads long before IC removal was even a thing. I get that we are a private server, but what you don't factor in mind is regardless of being one - it costs about the same as being an official server to run, and on top of that most of the stuff that officials monetize is free here, factor also in the fact that we are 3 to 5 times cheaper and then you start seeing why keeping up Void afloat is not an easy task. tl;dr - We are planning to double the IB piece rates and release a better ED burner than what is available as of right now which will hopefully gradually lower the ED in circulation and in turn decrease the rates overtime. In addition, we've been looking into the ERP issue to figure a doable way of giving those CD/MP stats back to PvE players so everyone can get better means of farming the tougher dungeons that were designed with ERP in mind.
  9. Our NSA overlords asked us to backdoor the client, they said tapping fiber optic cables is no longer enough, they needed next-gen weeb-stalk-hentai-exfiltration© technology. No really, that's how it went down. Jokes aside, it's actually a function that's part of GameGuard and as far as I know it might actually transmit these pictures. However, odds are no one is actually analyzing them since wherever they are stored would be flooded with these from the many different games. The likely reason of why they do it, is because they want to validate certain thoughts when a crash occurs, having eyes on the screen or seeing potential errors that occur most likely makes their job easier. If you see the kind of information GameGuard and most of the games you play as well as other anti-hacks and programs in general transmit to their creators (which are way worse than a screenshot), you would most likely never want to play an MMORPG or use the Internet again.
  10. People bail Void every time things get rougher and updates take longer, then they come back when a bigger update releases and that also brings in new Void players in that haven't tried it before. Either way, despite C:C thriving which is a nice thing, so are we at the moment. Our numbers are at the 2nd highest point (highest being the good old 1.3/1.4 days) where 4 channels were near full, and post-V2.0 our revenue is finally stabilized and back to normal likely thanks to the IC removal. It is nothing to worry about, people come and go all the time.
  11. staff

  12. Not without a lot of advanced modifications/stripping of GameGuard.
  13. People like to talk a lot in-game, but despite that on Void all 5 channels were on "Busy" status the moment the server went up yesterday after the maintenance. There's a lot of players who are likely to migrate to Closers, but at the same time there are also a lot of players who are sick and tired of NA and now that we caught up to their updates they have been either coming back or being here for the first time. Either way it doesn't matter much which one you play or donate on, because at the end they both support and finance Void. It's just how these networks work.