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  1. Quote from a different thread: It's all about perspective, some people are nowhere near 350+ ERP and others aren't even near standard cap level. There are always newcomers or players who have little time to spend on the grind aspect of the game, which definitely appreciate something like 800% EXP for 3 weeks.
  2. Which let's not forget, is still better than no dog. They are free buffs, which everyone gets to enjoy and the winning team fairly voted for them. Ignia team won, voted and are now getting what they wanted. Energy Fusion Drops are ahead by 3% (which is quite a lot of votes statistically), that clearly indicates more people wanted them than they did 100% Random Missions. 100% missions barely came in on the 5th place. Whether you believe that was an uneducated or poor vote, does not matter, the buffs got voted in fair and square. They're here to stay. P.S: Instead of being negative and aggressive towards other players, learn to nurture them helpfully in the right direction by explaining your point of view and agenda. And also be humble and respectful enough to step back and think whether their perspective differs from yours.
  3. Official = 0% base Void = 400% base Event = 800% base (x2 base) That means you can apply other EXP boosts that will work on top of the base EXP, so a 100% boost accessory = 1600% EXP total, that's a lot of EXP...
  4. 9gag discovers memes, circa 2009 this is art
  5. A lot of focus went into the mechanics and technical side of things, since the primary goal was to design something new, which blindsided the staff into not thinking through the actual "lore" aspect of the event or possible downfalls of the design itself. I can see people are being upset about the point boost, but it really isn't anything serious, the whole idea behind this event was to have some playful community competition while everyone wins the rewards in the end. It's more of a morale boost to keep the spirit going than anything else. Of course it's evident who will win by now due to the poor lineup and ability to mass pick teams in the first place, doesn't mean there shouldn't be some playful competition. Now that we finally have more dedicated staff and capabilities provided to them, Yata and Lilu have been shifting towards content creation and breaking out some of the stale content / event loops. The overall community feedback and reception shows a very indicative pattern in regards to the good and bad aspects of the event, which is all being noted and will most definitely be improved in the future. tl;dr - Don't worry, this is all experimental, everybody wins. Void & Chill.
  6. Team Ignia: Olympic team eating gold medals for breakfast Rest: 7 paralympic special kids with combined scores that are still less than half of Team Ignia Void: *little boost* Team Ignia: On a serious note, Void's staff has learned its lesson that these events should have an auto-assigned system instead in the future and more neutral teams in order to keep things more evened and competitive.
  7. I think I lost a couple of brain cells trying to read this. Voice modding / KOM progression has nothing to do with Void, it's just something done by KOG ages ago. Preventing KOM editing through integrity checking is something KOG has implemented as part of the client and has always been relatively easy to bypass, we wouldn't strip it officially because we don't touch/alter such implementations, nor maintain. Neither do we support voice modding or any sort of client modifications, doing any sort of tampering with the client is fully your own risk and responsibility. If the official version shuts down and we no longer have to worry about maintaining such modifications across versions, then yes, it would probably be implemented. As of right now, definitely not in any of the foreseeable future. #Locked
  8. You can begin patching your client, maintenance is still underway but the download is available.
  9. It will be a standard patch done via the launcher. Roughly 6 GB. However there was an upgrade of nodes after V2.4, it's too soon to say, but it's likely you will experience much better speeds/consistency this time around.
  10. uwu cool trailer https://voidels.to/V2.5_OfficialPreview.webm
  11. In certain cases the update pace or maintenance work required dictates our update timing. For example if Void has been stale for a while and there have been no good updates, yet the staff finishes a large version update or an event earlier than the deadline, we would just release it instead of waiting an extra day or two without any purpose. Another case is long expected downtime maintenances that deal with backend optimizations and/or hardware, having an extended downtime during the week is ultimately better than cutting into players scheduled weekend fun.
  12. We apologize for the inconvenience, there are a couple of backend issues that are causing trouble in-game, they're being painfully slowly (hopefully) repaired now. It might take a long while before the server is back up, no ETA. P.S: If you're staying up late waiting for it to be back up, just go sleep or play something else for the time being. Databases the size of Void are notoriously slow to clean and deal with.