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  1. NA and EU are full of clientless bots and hackers that go unpunished all the time, as I've said a few days ago, waiting for a manual review is a small price to pay in terms of what the autobans combat in scale. Void was one of the most targeted servers in terms of hacks and eventually gold selling bots. You fight automation with automation, CMs had to manually ban 100s of accounts per every few hours prior to the autoban, which was one of the biggest reasons why there wasn't a decent focus on other parts of Void (support, content, etc.) as it ate up all of their time, and they were squashing a tiny fragment of the bots. By the time you manually review one account to decide on a ban, there would be a 100 new ones getting away with hacked ED and moving it in a large network of accounts you have to spend time tracing. On average out of a 100 banned accounts there might be 1 innocent/well geared player, things become immediately investigated and adjusted so it never happens again by the same cause. tl;dr - Unless you want to play on a server that will shutdown in less than a year or two due to inability to support itself (ED selling bots) and a completely messed up economy, while people think 10:100 is bad, it could easily become 2000:100 in a matter of a couple of weeks/months without control. The answer is definitively and absolutely, no.
  2. Mostly because people were complaining that events became boring after 1 month (roughly 4 weeks post event launch), we would often get complaints. It also hinders the usability of items, most games run their events for roughly 3 to 4 weeks in general and we find 3 weeks to usually be the sweet spot, but since this event had a lot I recommended that it's a bit longer. We've had events dragging on for over a month and beyond, and those were negatively received according to the feedback which was in the realm of "did everything, bored now, event sucks". We also had permanent custom content systems to keep players busy but they fell apart over the years (such as VtV). I think the next best thing would be if they focus on 4 big events per year (seasonal) and several small events in-between (buffs, minor exchanges/crafts, timers and similar content). Or whatever is necessary to fill up more of the year with things for players to do when there are no big versions dropping.
  3. Popping back in just to answer your questions, as you said the homophobic/pedophilia nonsense is irrelevant so I'm not even going to go into detail addressing it. The staff is not homophobic, Ran had us pushing for same-sex marriage before Void existed publicly (alpha) and as far as I'm aware has never said or done anything homophobic. Also as other people mentioned, if you're going to accuse someone of being a pedophile you might want to back that up with real evidence, and if you believe someone IS breaking the law outside of Void's channels you shouldn't report it to us, but to the them (Discord) and the police or relevant authorities who can actually do something impactful about it. Q: Why the secrecy? A: Security, but I've addressed this with the CMs and discussed the edges of what they can/can't talk about, so you should be seeing more teases and communication. Q: Why do updates take more time? A: Our big version life cycle is mostly driven by what official servers do, if you mean custom content then it's mostly because it's not us doing them, the current staff was relatively new at handling it and still learning. Ran and I are no longer part of Void as much, we only assist in events (if they need help, for example Void Cafe and the current summer event was primarily Ran's work), big version updates (because they are severely technical beyond their pay grade) and bug fixes. They are gradually provided with new capabilities and tooling to be able to do more of the development and in general, getting the hang of it much better lately. I've also let them know that focusing on updates and events is very crucial to the health of the server long-term, as they focused way too much on rulebreakers in the past. It's not a bad thing, but it has to be balanced and in the past it certainly wasn't. Ideally it can be at least 50/50 and for a long time it was more of a 90/10 with focus only on rulebreakers/appeals/drama. It's worth noting that the reason why the balance is starting to even out more now is due to the automated system bans, which handle majority of hacking on their own and verifying innocent bans in incidents is much faster than manually digging through logs finding a fraction of the hackers. Which in turn provides them with a lot more time to do other things, as back then even account support was being neglected for rulebreakers. Q: Current status of suggestions? A: Yata answered earlier that he will begin pushing/communicating more often in that section. Also my reply from the first question about secrecy applies here as well. I agree about the community being creative and there are definitely ways we can put that creativity to use gradually. Q: Are the rules going to be revised? A: I honestly hope they will, I can't stand the current rules because they are extremely complicated. I wrote the original rules when we created Void and they were extremely straightforward and took less than half a minute to read and understand. The current rules read more like an actual law or shady ToS, than the rules of an online game. I'd personally like to see it go back to what it was, generic and straightforward so everyone can understand and solidify it. Q: Why do you evade threads? A: Ran and I aren't around as much anymore as I said earlier. Yata and Lilu have a lot of work split between them, but that's another aspect they need to be improving on a lot, actual community management. Their title is CM, but their work is more content development/event planning/product management/customer support and so on. Q: Why is there no Q&A? A: Well you've seen what this thread has turned into, most of the time there isn't a lot to talk about other than the questions the majority ask. Which are always the same - when is X version coming out, did you look at my suggestion, how can she ban, when is the next event, can you add this item to the game, why is Ran a homophobe serial killer big pharma CEO and so on. If the CMs want to host a Q&A that is up to them, but from personal experience there really isn't a lot of stuff that the community brings up which isn't in the realm of those things. I hope this answered most of your questions and that we get to see some gradual improvements ASAP.
  4. Then go play NA or make your own server if it's so bad? Seriously. You all act as if we somehow created a massive monopoly on Elsword and are now force feeding you as a bunch of prisoners confined to our server. We do our best with what we can, complaining to this extent is the equivalent of illegally torrenting a movie and then sending legal subpoenas to the guy who wrote the subtitles because they made a few typos. Regarding the ban questions, if staff doesn't want to answer why they did or didn't ban a player, their internal reasoning is entirely reserved to the staff's opinion. If they want to come out and say why, they will, if not then they won't. Do you have a real detailed and articulate suggestion on what the staff can do? Well you know where the suggestion section is. I'm unprofessional and going at players because players are being incoherent, inarticulate and are going at staff. I've tried it both ways and I address serious concerns in a serious matter. Blizzard's one of the most beloved companies, yet their forums are full of negative threads and people bitching, they're one of the best online game publishers with billions of dollars and thousands of employees. If a company like that can't be perfect, what exactly makes you think half a dozen people doing a bunch of tasks all at once while trying to please an international community with varying degrees of tolerance / bipolarity, are going to do any better? Spoiler alert: Nobody's perfect. Running a business is complicated and it's easy to sit on a high horse and judge, nitpick everything staff does. If it was easy to run a server everyone would be doing it. I'm done with this thread.
  5. You are honestly starting to lose credibility pretty fast at this point. So I'll ask again, post the factual evidence of Ran doing this? Also are you by any chance a far right wing extremist? Because honestly I didn't even hear from the actual far right complain about jokes mocking Trump and US mainstream media makes fun of him on a daily basis (see: every tonight show, comedy central, SNL, etc), last I checked the left isn't rioting and calling hosts like Trevor Noah racist? Remember that one time you made an Obama meme in a video game, and then a bunch of Mitt Romney supporters came in to scold you about how insensitive making Obama meme is? Practically makes you a KKK supporter of genocide... No? No shit. Making a joke out of politics turned Internet pop culture and memes in a fucking video game, makes you as racist as picking milk over chocolate in the grocery store makes you a right wing extremist. Maybe you should take a step back and re-evaluate, because you're nitpicking at complete nonsense. As I said earlier, nothing stops you from reporting edgy 12 year olds and their friends who think its cool to be homophobic and harass the community, so... what exactly is your problem?
  6. As I said, it's none of our business. If a staff member is being a dick off duty on their alts (if they even have time to play), they get the same penalty as everyone else. If it's outside of Void's official channels (forums/game), we don't care at all.
  7. Other servers die in a couple of years, while being rampant of corruption and broken economies. You can quite literally count the servers with the kind of stability Void has on one hand, Void is not my first rodeo and we've been in this scene much longer than most people might imagine. Ah yes, an anime driven community in 2019, the absolute epitome of homophobia and LGBT hatred. When do we begin to discuss the effects Void has on climate change while we're at it? Is a player being a dick? Report them. Is a staff member being a dick ON DUTY (Discord is non-official, what they do on their main characters/personal life is none of our business)? Report them. P.S: Nice font, finally found use for my telescope.
  8. Oh, you mean basically like what staff does, except under a different name to put off staff blame onto staff 2.0? So hire a judge, jury, maybe some lawyers players can hire to represent themselves perhaps? There's no such thing as evaluation of performance, the current top staff is trusted because they were with us for years before any of these capabilities were even a thing. GSes often fell apart within weeks of being hired after quickly realizing how powerless they are without these types of capabilities. And if several of them were tempted towards corruption with barely any real powers, what do you think they'd do with full access to your data? Nothing good, I assure you. We gave them limited GM permissions at first which obviously isn't remotely enough to assist in such cases. Providing evidence to a group of people without the context of how it was obtained and what it actually means, is completely pointless, without system/insider access and internal knowledge on the technical side, you can't really comprehend most of these bans. And you cannot provide such knowledge without potentially burning the system in the process. Also again as I've said in the past, your account = your responsibility but also your account = our ownership. Ultimately we decide which decision is right or wrong, and if the evidence is overwhelmingly solidified, we of course stand by it. The community has no right meddling in internal affairs such as appeals unless something unjustified is done and there is overwhelming evidence that says so. Which is rarely the case and that innocent player posting a ban appeal would be sufficient for the most part. And yes, I know, ban appeals can be slow when 2 people have to do everything, but you can either be complaining about delayed ban appeals or corrupt staff running wild doing whatever they want to your account and the server, I think the choice is obvious. This isn't real life, it's an online video game, with extensive logging and monitoring built into it, the absolute majority of these cases aren't some Sherlock Holmes investigations. Hmm... this player is Lv. 99 in 30 minutes with no gear clearing cap level dungeons in 10 seconds, yes, I think we need to call in Dr. Watson and the jury for this one. That's how dumb 99% of the hacking cases are. Nope, as I addressed this earlier, GSes without real powers are as good as useless for all of the mentioned above. Also 2 out of these 4 mentioned were fired/ran away as they were about to be fired for corruption, so I'm not sure how safe you would feel about your personal account information and ban case in the hands of potentially corrupt GSes. Worth noting, CMs get paid actual salaries, GSes only got paid in donation points. The incentives are obviously very different, but that doesn't change the fact that paying someone will not incentivize them to not be an insider if they made their way in maliciously to begin with. Probably not, read my post from earlier that details why transparency isn't and can't really be a thing:
  9. To be honest it's almost comical, given we did it to make fun of him and the ones being offended are his opposition. But that's the thing, such small trivial things can be resolved so fast that it doesn't even matter, if it makes one person feel better we'll resolve it.
  10. Agreed, and yes, there were a lot of instances of unnecessary public calling out. We have stopped doing it since those cases and as far as I'm aware, this hasn't happened in a really long time. Sometimes it happens because people abuse multiple accounts, for example - talking to themselves on the forum, making threads in support of someone being banned (when they were the person banned themselves) or post-farming in the Spam thread by posting from each account consecutively, at which point if you just ban them and say nothing then players start buying into their fear mongering. Two people sharing the same IP isn't a problem and I'm sure there are plenty of familial players here, what you could do is PM the moderators running the events and ask them. Forum events are orchestrated by moderators, so its their rules after all. P.S: While I believe what Ran did IS most definitely wrong, this wasn't any sort of power abuse whatsoever. These are mostly simple Google searches (such as image reverse searches) that any player in that thread could have done. IP based on the forum likely just means they were trying to point out someone potentially doing what I mention above.
  11. English is my 4th language, I guess we need to change that to "low" tolerance. You get the point anyway, we've fired people over leaking a screenshot from a staff conversation and other minor things as well. Not to downplay the actual offense, but when you outweigh it you can see why its nonsense. And like I pointed out, that cube was made before Trump was president, no one was suffering under his regime. Also I don't see how making fun of Trump is insensitive to the left given basically all MSM does it, but okay whatever point taken either way, I've let Ran know to rename the cube in the next content update.
  12. And I'm sorry... address the what? I'm not sure whether you're implying staff or community driven? The staff is certainly not homophobic and politics stay far away from the game. I mean I have ranted on the forums about Trump in the past and made some jokes in events (see: dumb bird in our logo that looked like Trump to me) or in general, making fun of his ridiculous campaign. Void is an international server, and US politics were (and still are) an absurd and hilarious shitshow to watch as spectators for most of us who aren't directly affected by American politics. That being said, we've become wiser since and think twice before commenting on politics through the forums or game even if its just in a lighthearted jokingly fashion. Also keep in mind when that happened, he was barely getting elected and things weren't anywhere near to exploding politically as much as they did, there was a divide but not what it is today.
  13. No tolerance doesn't mean zero tolerance, I'm not going to fire Ran who is practically the only reason Void became a thing and is still a thing over some minor accident. She was drunk and Googled a player's nickname and found their Tumblr, pointed it out on a thread. It's not like she dumped a picture of his passport and his SSN in there. Is it wrong and unprofessional as fuck? Yes, absolutely. Is it worth killing the entire server by firing the primary admin over? Uh, yea... no.
  14. 1. Read the second reply regarding technical difficulties in long-term development. That's one of many examples. Other times it just means things don't work, the amount of effort/resources spent into reverse engineering them isn't worth it and/or they will have a long-term negative impact on the server. 2. Staff isn't perfect, I have scolded several members of staff over the years, including Ran regarding inappropriate behavior or favoritism as we have no tolerance for it. Sometimes its lack of experience and understanding of player/staff boundaries, other times it can be outright wrong, such as the Tumblr case. If you have solid evidence that person X isn't receiving a ban because of a direct connection to a staff member, you should provide that evidence via PMs or post a thread. 3. You are correct about vague ban reasoning, it is precisely that. However, it isn't necessarily all that complicated to understand. A generic ban message just means you were either banned by a system or in a manual ban wave for a specific internal reason. Manual individual bans have a generic reason - "hacking", "spamming", etc. The reason they aren't designated is because if you were banned for a specific hacking individual reason, it literally couldn't matter any less, individual bans means a staff member took player supplied evidence and investigated it side by side with internal logs about what you did. A manual hacking ban is like sending a murderer to prison after catching them literally red handed stabbing their victim in an alley. Which is why most of the appeals we see are beyond ridiculous, they're often the equivalent of that same murderer saying "no officer, I did not commit this murder, I was simply walking by in this alley at 2AM and I pulled out my knife and helped this poor woman get rid of her stomach cramps by using my grandmother's remedy, push and twist, 34 times". Honestly, a murderer using that as their court defense would be more believable than half of the sob stories we get to see there which often have players' friends rooting behind. @Yatagarasu investigates these kinds of reports all the time, and an automated system might not be foolproof, but I guarantee you 99% of the cases most definitely are. Once a ban happens, it takes them less than a minute to look up the banned user and pinpoint in their activity how they got banned and why they got banned. These types of system bans also only go wrong when new systems or dungeons are introduced that are affected by them, and not always since it depends on the initial calibration. Hence why it happened with the introduction of guild minigames and this event. Both of which were fixed in a matter of hours, did not affect all users, bans were quickly reverted as like I said, it's equally easy to see if someone is guilty or innocent in an automated system ban case. No matter what your views on this are, I can assure you one very big fact. The minor inconvenience of someone being banned and unbanned after a couple of hours or days, is a small price to pay for keeping a stable economy and hacker-free server. Void gets waves of clientless bots among many other exploits and glitch abuses that get prevented by such systems in place. It's easy to only see the bad side of the equation without looking at the facts, which are, we have carried out thousands of bans per day on occasions through our automated system and you never got to hear a single complaint. Some of these cases were potentially more devastating than the ED duping glitches and way more targeted/damaging in the long-term. 4. Maybe because she's no longer staff, has no reason to lie and is telling the truth as a staff insider? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We are most definitely open to lots of different collaborations with the community, just never got around to actually articulating and putting something together. There are tons of talented artists in Void's community. Another reason: the infamous elusive "technical difficulties", at least in terms of recolors. Modern sets heavily rely on new particle systems, model modifications and things we cannot alter in a stable maintainable way, which in turn means we are sometimes limited to recoloring something only once. And even non-particle sets can be affected by this as well. As I've mentioned before, maintaining "legacy" (in our case official) content is one of the biggest burdens of Void, we are constrained in what we do with custom content because we have to make sure this custom content keeps working each big version, in Elsword - this can get extremely complicated. Also to everyone generally crying wolf about transparency, I'd like to clear up some things that I think have been cast a long time ago. I'm doing transparency because I want to, not because I have to. Void is not an "investment" as people seem to think it is, it's a private server of an online video game. Just because you made friends here and enjoy spending your time, doesn't change what this is. Transparency is demanded by government organizations who get funded through your taxed income, or by shareholders which own stock in a company, or by non-profit organizations. Most businesses and especially in the video game industry, do not discuss anywhere near as much as we do in the public domain regarding internal processes and systems. Even some of the most reputable publishers such as Blizzard rarely talk about how Overwatch's MMR, RNG or content development works internally. These are mostly trade secrets or things you don't want any future/present competition and adversaries to know. It also makes abuse of the game itself and staff/community relationship much harder, as if we came out saying how everything works it allows for adversaries to abuse that knowledge against us. You're playing an improved replica of a free online MMORPG, it's a business, no one forces you to either play it or support it by donating. Donating doesn't grant you any special privileges beyond EC, which you can use in variety of ways inside the actual game world. How we run things internally is honestly none of anyone's business for the most part and it hasn't affected the majority of the community whatsoever. That being said, here's some transparency in your transparency: Q: Why is there a huge lack of transparency despite staff efforts? A: Small staff, lots to do. Q: Why don't you hire more people then? A: It's a painfully long, complicated process where you're gambling with the longevity of the server. Q: But couldn't hire staff to do the minor things to free up their time? A: Yes and no. Legacy dependencies to official content are a problem for maintaining and all the other tasks require special privileges new hires cannot be entrusted with. How can you verify if a rulebreaker is really one or a ban appeal is valid without access to logs? You can't. How can you help out in account support without access to account management systems, logs and be trusted enough to often see people's credentials (as sometimes players will post their password regardless of us telling them to never do that)? You can't. How can you help with content development when you don't have any specific technical expertise, and even if you did, could not be trusted to access such resources without years of vetoing? You can't. Q: But what about actual suggestions and content, whats a "technical difficulty"? A: We can't do it or don't want to do it. Internal reasoning is reserved and entirely up to us. Listening to community feedback doesn't mean you are obligated to reply to every single thread and give a detailed explanation about why your suggestion is turned down. Most of the time technical difficulty in specific, implies exactly that, a technical difficulty. The biggest and most common one being legacy maintaining as I've stated several times. That means Void modifying systems in extremely complex and not portable ways, which will in turn delay big version updates by double or more time spent on each iteration. Pick your pill: don't implement minor suggestion alteration and focus on events/big version updates that players outright demand OR implement minor suggestion, pay the price by delaying big updates potentially by months or even worse, having to deprecate said custom systems in future patches. Also suggestions ARE looked into, I can't stress that enough. If they are straightforward implementations with no strings attached or outright good ideas, they are taken into consideration. You don't have to look far to see how it affects development, the summer event's internal planning was mostly made out of pinned quotes from the forum as far as rewards and concepts go. You also can't please everyone, someone will say I want A and the other person wants B. We often go with the majority unless there are other factors that play into it. Q: But... muh innocent bans? A: Innocent bans are a fraction of all bans, they get handled fast, stop making non-existing things into problems, seriously. This is all the result of guilty players fearmongering innocent players into thinking bans are handed out on a whim and never looked at again, which for the 100th time, is not true, at all. Also while we're at it: Q: Where is my V3.9 and winter 2040 olympics event? A: Do you know what you'll eat for lunch on the Wednesday, 17 weeks from now? No? Well, neither do we. Void development is fast-paced, often times last second, we deal with a lot of stuff and there is no roadmap other than some generic guidance on what we're looking into or planning. Also sometimes we will know what is going on and just not say it publicly. Sometimes for a last second hype effect, other times because we don't want the community to rage at us for getting timelines wrong after we discover a critical bug 2 days before release and need to fix it. (ref: no ETA meme)