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  1. People bail Void every time things get rougher and updates take longer, then they come back when a bigger update releases and that also brings in new Void players in that haven't tried it before. Either way, despite C:C thriving which is a nice thing, so are we at the moment. Our numbers are at the 2nd highest point (highest being the good old 1.3/1.4 days) where 4 channels were near full, and post-V2.0 our revenue is finally stabilized and back to normal likely thanks to the IC removal. It is nothing to worry about, people come and go all the time.
  2. staff

  3. Not without a lot of advanced modifications/stripping of GameGuard.
  4. People like to talk a lot in-game, but despite that on Void all 5 channels were on "Busy" status the moment the server went up yesterday after the maintenance. There's a lot of players who are likely to migrate to Closers, but at the same time there are also a lot of players who are sick and tired of NA and now that we caught up to their updates they have been either coming back or being here for the first time. Either way it doesn't matter much which one you play or donate on, because at the end they both support and finance Void. It's just how these networks work.
  5. Nope, my character is Lv. 99 and a few resonance levels, it works fine. Also EXP is default 400% but it's controlled differently, not through the buff.
  6. Sadly it seems like there's no such thing, we tested with sockets, buffs, potions etc - it's not accepting any form of ED/drop rate functionality within Heroic dungeons. Perhaps we can do some sort of additional rewards/system via daily or repeatable quests? Ideas are welcome in suggestions.
  7. I'll be looking into it and doing some further tests, sorry about that - didn't even cross my mind that Heroic might not function properly.
  8. I'm pretty sure Heroic doesn't get affected by the drop rate in the first place. I have tested an Elysion dungeon/fields and the rates definitely work.
  9. Downloader: [HERE] (You do NOT need this if you have already installed V2.0!) We have decided to deprecate the previous archive/installer/MEGA system, we now use a specialized downloader that connects to multiple nodes and downloads with increased speed from each. Also all issues with the repair should now be resolved. Please keep in mind it might take up to 1-2 hours or so until all nodes have been updated with the full V2.0 client. If you get the "version check error" just keep restarting until it goes away (since eventually it'll tap into a node that's updated).
  10. First we have to wait for mean maintenance to end ba dum tss
  11. There's only so much we can do, an actual optimization (real) for Elsword would require a complete rewrite of the engine. Which even KOG can't properly do unless they ditch it and start a completely new Elsword game. We do have different procedures on the server side of things to keep it stable and our specs on all servers are pretty much the best money can buy you, yet it still has its issues. If you look at games like Closers for example, their engine optimizes it extremely well and it runs super smoothly even on toasters. Elsword on the other hand even on a good PC can be pretty demanding and generally sloppy, especially when there's a lot going on. The fact that the servers are now flooded for 2.0 isn't doing you any favors either.
  12. It's a visual glitch we've encountered during QA as well.
  13. This, also... Funny enough "Accout" is written by ElsNA's localization files and we've never touched those strings, jokes on you mate. The only input that's ours is the date and the ban reason.
  14. It's something that we can't fix, since KOG never intended same sex marriage to be a thing, our system is just a reverse engineered alternative. Unfortunately only they can do something like that.
  15. ^ This, especially the second point. If people were broke they wouldn't be buying at 9/10:100 24/7.