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  1. I think I lost a couple of brain cells trying to read this. Voice modding / KOM progression has nothing to do with Void, it's just something done by KOG ages ago. Preventing KOM editing through integrity checking is something KOG has implemented as part of the client and has always been relatively easy to bypass, we wouldn't strip it officially because we don't touch/alter such implementations, nor maintain. Neither do we support voice modding or any sort of client modifications, doing any sort of tampering with the client is fully your own risk and responsibility. If the official version shuts down and we no longer have to worry about maintaining such modifications across versions, then yes, it would probably be implemented. As of right now, definitely not in any of the foreseeable future. #Locked
  2. You can begin patching your client, maintenance is still underway but the download is available.
  3. It will be a standard patch done via the launcher. Roughly 6 GB. However there was an upgrade of nodes after V2.4, it's too soon to say, but it's likely you will experience much better speeds/consistency this time around.
  4. uwu cool trailer https://voidels.to/V2.5_OfficialPreview.webm
  5. In certain cases the update pace or maintenance work required dictates our update timing. For example if Void has been stale for a while and there have been no good updates, yet the staff finishes a large version update or an event earlier than the deadline, we would just release it instead of waiting an extra day or two without any purpose. Another case is long expected downtime maintenances that deal with backend optimizations and/or hardware, having an extended downtime during the week is ultimately better than cutting into players scheduled weekend fun.
  6. We apologize for the inconvenience, there are a couple of backend issues that are causing trouble in-game, they're being painfully slowly (hopefully) repaired now. It might take a long while before the server is back up, no ETA. P.S: If you're staying up late waiting for it to be back up, just go sleep or play something else for the time being. Databases the size of Void are notoriously slow to clean and deal with.
  7. Happy late 4th Void anniversary, the launch date was actually on 4th June 2014!
  8. dw about it im already implementing the 17th character that they're planning to draft for concept art in 2027
  9. VoidCM

    Older Version??

    Overall hosting an older version of most MMOs, never works out very well unless it's truly a huge game with lots of content and a ton of players. Those are things that Elsword definitely isn't. Majority of pre-eras are usually nostalgia driven and rarely last. We lose as much as 50~70% of our core community for not having a 1-2 old month latest content patch. So as you can imagine, there would only be a handful of people interested in anything other than a fully updated server.
  10. There's several thousand people downloading simultaneously from a (relatively) small CDN, hence why the speed is slow. Once people finish patching and start getting in-game, the speed will begin increasing.