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  1. Thank you for the amazing time with u on Void, u were the best GM so far, even tho u were dead af but w/e Please stay safe and keep focusing on things that are more important to u like Warframe +f hard af but we can't change it now
  2. I honestly will check that now bc idr seeing it edit: nvm
  3. R E C O L O U R E D I T E M M A L L S E T S . +538120493
  4. Make the front site not look dead af, yea. +1.
  5. I know, but the recolour so far looks so good, it might get noticed and actually made into a thing Also, lf> recolours for every char
  6. The white SR really looks pretty so far, ngl there, but I'd support a different colour more, since we already have the RB recolour (PB), which is white & gold. There's also HNO and such. I look forward for this feature, since some ppl here really know how to combine colours and what would look good and what not. +1, please make it happen.
  7. The second suggestion would sadly be such a mess, so the first one would be better I guess. It would make the work for the Void staff easier, so yea, why not. +1.
  8. I remember when I found a fanart of this set a while ago, that's how I basically found out that this set exists. I'd like a comeback of it, so +1.
  9. Not a big fan of seeing the whole server with F5 on, but it's sure a thing for some of my friends. +1
  10. lf> all the sits above to be in IM again, they're too rare and expensive. Defenitely a +1.
  11. I missed the coat thingy tbh +1 The space rabbit suit is so cute, it definitely should be in MW.
  12. love the idea, it's not a big update, but something that can be very useful for players. I feel bad for you deadass for getting it on the wrong char free bump~
  13. I mained some chars but I stopped to change them since I started to play CS. It's not that I love the most to play her, but I'm also broke so I can't afford for all my other chars +10 ammys and good Elria gear with IB's and such, so I just stick to my love of my life aka my CS. Wish I could main Ara again tho.