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  1. Magnowser

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Thread is like 2 months old so now and the thread owner last log in is around 28th december so i kinda want the forum mods to close the thread or else the damage done from these people's insastifaction spread more
  2. Magnowser

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    And well I think we should try asking them and it seems the Thread Owner didnt log for a time so if the forum mods only wait for them, the damage caused by this thread might get worse. @Structure @Xera Excuse me mind closing the thread? not really asking but its more of a suggestion, you can see in the other pages that people are slowly transforming this thread in something else and it'll only get worse if left the thread alive
  3. Magnowser

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Only thing can do is ask the forum mods to close it
  4. Magnowser

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    I want to mention the forum mods so bad to close this thread, this is slowly becoming a salt filled thread with people complaints of other things like derails like talking about themveself rather in general Edit : Void mightbe dying but not that fast, its really slowly dying because thats normal and when new updates come out it'l lbe active again and the forums is not that active since autists theyre not the type of people that who would be in forums all day in exception of using marketplace, report rulebreakers and banappeals. Imagine if the forum was really active in other topics though. Also many ignore the fact that Void Elsword is a private server and keeps complaining about problems that the server have, like come on its a fucking private server not an official where they get KoG's help to fix the problems with ease, tighten your seatbelt and go somewhere else if you keep complaining which in that case you dont really belong here if you only come to complain about the problems that Private Servers always have. Edit again : Also if you come to me and say "OH CUZ THEY DONT FIX IT!!!" dont expect them to fix it asap and Void themself mentioned that KoG's coding is pretty shitty and I can see that, you can also tell by yourself looking how simple features got problems even other craps that KoG doesnt bother to improvise and fix. Also Void is not letting anyone else in their team besides Lilu and Yatabirb , As someone whos been in Void since 2014 I saw them since then and they're really trusted and does the job in cleaning rulebreakers than officials would in taking more than 4 days thus causing more damage. I'm not really dickriding Void just because I love it, infact I do but not really dickriding. There are times that Void dissapointed me and the first time it happened was the ED ticket wipe which made the poors players that worked so hard get their effort ruined in one mere update because of hackers, of course Void cant stop Hackers from bypassing but now its different, Lilu and Yata are Gamemasters now that are doing their best in cleaning these rulebreakers. Second time is that Void is not able to make optimization for the game, though it is both KoG and Void fault, I dont know exactly what part Void is on fault but I just feel like it while KoG have poor interest in fixing optimization issues since they seem to be confident that everyone has atleast decent Set-ups in their PC to handle some bit of frame rate problems in korea.
  5. Magnowser

    it's been years I had been away

    You can ask them, dont be shy!
  6. Magnowser

    it's been years I had been away

    Welcome back Fellow Veteran! You'll see alot of things has changed!
  7. Magnowser

    Ariaya has arrived!

    Welcome to Void Elsword! Hope you have a good time here! And nope your profile picture doesnt break any rules, as long its not NSFW (Not safe For work) its fine!
  8. Magnowser

    Salut (hi) all!

    Welcome to the forums!
  9. Magnowser

    xd hi

    Welcome to Void Elsword! Here you'll be safe from Officials's money hungry bullshit (Except KR in this case) Theres Void Elsword discord incase you want to join, should be around offtopic in there must be pinned! You'll see me talking in there sometime! Name is the same as here.
  10. Magnowser

    Worst bravery skill.

    Yep. 2nafish also confirmed it
  11. Magnowser

    Worst bravery skill.

    dw guys KoG mentioned that they'll do character revamps again :^)