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  1. >Resumes on capping my Black Massacre
    >reaches level 99
    >Wants to try add dungeon but before that i went to get my stuff
    >weapon drops on first run ever on this fucking char that recently leveeld to 99




    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Magnowser


      Oh my gosh wish I gave you my luck :c


      dont just gie up Flannel

    3. Flannel


      i won't give up, i need 2 whole pepsi for my labies :syobonyanSad:

    4. SzionBlue


      bruh thats just wild

  2. Woke up too late like fucking 3 pm, kill me pretty please... then I visited the discords and saw in announcements that v2.5 came, I was too excited that I want to blow myself up... Started to patch early and it was already done patching about 5.5 GB or so in 2 ~ 3 minutes cuz over 20 MB/s omegalul
  3. Yeah they'll be untradeable so dont worry
  4. Ain release + transcedence. was in v2.0 Prosperity. Release only had two of his first classes and then his third came like a month or two or so And at that time LuCiel 3rd path also came