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  1. is this the same lethal from a few years ago?
  2. Bidoof

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    what are the stats of khaos? i am uncertain if it shared arch devil stats or no?
  3. Bidoof

    xd hi

    Hi sweetie! Welcome to Void <3
  4. Happy New Years! Make your New Years resolution to join Nocturne! <3
  5. how many characters can we have in this guild? IGN: BiddyBoi Name/What you want to be called: Bidoof Timezone:(Optional) : PST Tell us a little about yourself: I'm really dumb but I try to care a lot for people What will you be expecting from this guild?: I've been a bit lonely recently, so I wanted to meet and talk to more people. Hopefully friendly people I'm guessing?
  6. y am i the only 1 who lik abysser like damn bitch my ass be hurtin now
  7. Bidoof

    hi im back

    Welcome back <3
  8. Bidoof

    What do you hate the most from 3rd job?

    3rd jobs: longer hair = more power some designs are really bad and lacking...
  9. Bidoof

    NA Voices to JP Voices

    +1 fr cus i just feel jp is a lot more natural due to the game literally being anime-art styled base; also plus some voices are actually super duper good like eve's; and i seriously prefer ciel's jp voice than kr + eng due to him sounding a lot younger (it feels weird playing a 27 yr old man)? i just feel ciel's jp voice fits his design better but yeah i really want jp voices back lol
  10. OMGG STYLISH IS BACK???!? 111 - IGN / Class / Level : GayBidoof NB 99 - About me : i used to be inthis guild on like bidoofcode back in like april-may with tae??? - Why I decide to join (?) : ^^ i left bcus it was dead n stuff (not too long ago actually) but im glad its back