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  1. IGN: BidoofQueen Previous guild: lemonade on this chara
  2. Introduce yourself! Nickname: Bidoof In-game name: BidoofQueen Character:BQ Country: USA Hobbies: gaming, art, etc? i dunno XD Why I would like to join: I wanted a guild for my BQ and lemonade is my favorite drink
  3. 1: BidoofEmpire, Bidoof#3057 2: What Class You Main: Empire Sword 3: ERP: almost 160? i dont remember 4: Age: 5: Birthday: July 30 6: Gender: can i just be a they? 7: About: I love altera 8.PvPer, raider, PvEr or hybrid?: Hybrid
  4. you got a boyfriend
  5. I wouldn't mind Arena or Old Spar Rules. Honestly, every character is unique; whether it be for the better or for the worse I do a lot of pvp, even though granted I'm not good, sometimes vanilla isnt always the way to go? Every character has their own style and building, including things like passives and their own unique style. it's incredibly hard to play in just plain vanilla due to the lack of damage, especially if youre facing a character who's base is already good. Vanilla will literally just be manafeeding 2v2s that last for 10 minutes without any advantage in my opinion. -this is speaking from my personal experience. also p.s. how many of you voted are actually gonna do the tourney or even main/play pvp consistently..
  6. i guess they never miss huh
  7. skate fast eat ass bump
  8. would be cool to see the el masters like gaia, solace, ebalon etc lol