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  1. RES [IGN] BiddyBoy [Link To Song] [Description] It's a new song that just got released, but the moment I heard it, I loved it. And it's ironic that it's called Jamais Vu as it basically means Deja Vu yet never experienced it. This song is heartbreaking, yet it somehow helps me cope with my current situations. I'm scared of being alone, I'm scared of being left behind- I don't want anyone to give up on me and I know I won't give up on anyone. It's letting go of your loved one yet at the same time wanting them to want you back. And you can feel how much it tugs are your heart, even if you never experienced this type of love before. I think this song is meant to be a cure for people are feeling at their lowest- as a way to help someone. It's relaxing beat, it's soft vocals and rap, it's meaningful lyrics- i love this song so much. It's sung so gently like a lullaby yet the lyrics are so realistic. Life is tough, you'll lose your loved ones, yet things will always get better. And i love how it's a remedy to my sadness.
  2. would be cool to see the el masters like gaia, solace, ebalon etc lol
  3. IGN: GayBidoof Class: Catastrophe
  4. i came when add was released but my first enjoyable character was Code nemesis even though she was pretty trash back then.
  5. *[IGN] Bidoof *[Team of choice] Team Apple!
  6. Bidoof


    is this the same lethal from a few years ago?
  7. what are the stats of khaos? i am uncertain if it shared arch devil stats or no?
  8. Hi sweetie! Welcome to Void <3
  9. Happy New Years! Make your New Years resolution to join Nocturne! <3
  10. how many characters can we have in this guild? IGN: BiddyBoi Name/What you want to be called: Bidoof Timezone:(Optional) : PST Tell us a little about yourself: I'm really dumb but I try to care a lot for people What will you be expecting from this guild?: I've been a bit lonely recently, so I wanted to meet and talk to more people. Hopefully friendly people I'm guessing?
  11. y am i the only 1 who lik abysser like damn bitch my ass be hurtin now