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  1. Boombayah

    The Dance of the Jacks Tournament

    MN is god tier, yes. the difference between MN and those other chars u mentioned is basically cause MN has a incredibly high chance of winning against any other character, while DoM, FP, FL, even tho theyre op aswell, dont have that exact same scenario ^^
  2. Boombayah

    The Dance of the Jacks Tournament

    exactly why i asked, as they mention zenith tourney and not vanilla, while zenith tourney been vanilla lately. if u dont have urself the proper answer, let them reply, thanks
  3. Boombayah

    The Dance of the Jacks Tournament

    while, at the same exact time, they say " All costume set effects with procs are banned" while zenith made their tourneys vanilla last times without any costume AND they dont mention timed stuff nor accessories.
  4. Boombayah

    The Dance of the Jacks Tournament

    u shouldnt be surprised as you play the god tier broke PvP characters...... OT: im confused about what u can or not wear during matches.... we can use accessories and costumes? just non proc stuff and some rules for ring, everything else allowed? IB weapon, monster masks, etc?
  5. Boombayah

    Arrivederci, Void. May this be temporary.

    I love you Tomzito. Even if we dont talk much and arent so close, you mean alot to me, i really consider you a big friend and I hope this break helps you to set ur mind back to a good place, if thats whats it for, and ye, thats all i have to say, i really like you and ur soft Adds, be back if you ever feel like it. wish you the best and talk to me if you ever feel like it, u know where to find me ^^
  6. Boombayah

    Elsword Life Hacks
  7. Boombayah

    Elsword Life Hacks

    this basically, and also placing everything you have in the bottom of the page so everything new that you drop will be the first stuff in page <3
  8. Boombayah

    Hanger removals in ed burners

    Sounds fair enough, its something that will always be needed in the market, and those who burn and dont need them can simply sell on board. would drop the price for them imo +1
  9. Boombayah

    Yo~ o/

    Welcome! and... wheres. your... Ain's f-face? @_@
  10. Boombayah

    Elrianode set Bankshare able?

    If you take a look, all "custom content" void has, is based on mechanics that already exist. Naeun -> NPC mechanic Ain, Ara and Raven class/awakening pieces -> costume and accessory mechanics Void Buff -> Buff Mechanic (VIP) Lvl cubes, Free IM stuff, exp rates. all those stuff are changes in the original coding, nothing really new. and also, would break the market somehow as others said above
  11. Boombayah

    Leveling Cube Revamp

    The average changes are alright imo dont agree with the +10 sparring gear will give a +1, but should think about the spar gear as many players who wanted it up to +10 needed to work for it
  12. Boombayah

    I saw 3rd Advancement

    ? No, just saying that ive seen people salting on classes cause "3rd job broken this" "nerf this 3rd job class there" so just asking for you to not be one of them XD And well, after all updates, there are people quitting to wait the next, so i just said bye in advane for whenever u decided to leave til 2.4 o3o
  13. Boombayah

    I saw 3rd Advancement

    who? welcome back, and enjoy your stay please dont salt over the 3rd jobs u were waiting for, and in advance, see ya when u leave to wait for 2.4