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  1. I was bored yesterday, so i got my Ara baby and tried to cosplay Kill This Love - Blackpink

    The clothes arent matching 100% but oh well, was fun to do.

    Ye, i edited the pic, all 4 are me. #nofriends




    <3 Love that song

    <3 Love that group

    <3 Love my Ara



  3. Combat Class (Ver.2) Combat Class (Ver.1) was part of Treasure Chest content from February 2nd to May 23rd 2017, but (Ver.2) was only Limited Sales in IM from July 21st to August 4th (2 weeks)!!! Bring it back!!!!!!!
  4. Not sure if those stuff are in the list or not With those big updates on the MW (<3), those are the stuff i have left on my inventory that can't go into MW yet!
  5. 57 pages of Ara stuff 97 pages counting everything available on her MW
  6. unknown.png

    thanks @VoidEls @VoidCM @Lilu @Yatagarasu and every1 involved!

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    2. Emil


      Nothing, ily ❤️

    3. VoidEls
    4. Decorater


      Nice, however I wish they gave a 15 day pepsiman weapon until you actually get the pepsiman cube.


      Also @VoidEls how does one get the ``[VoidEls] Pepsi`` without buying it expensive on the board? Did I miss out on the event?


      Why is it not for sale at 1,000 ED each like the stamina potions at Naeun?

  7. repost because the world needs to see this xD
  8. its because server isnt online yet!;tab=comments#comment-2779136
  9. judging by the pictures on 2.5 thread, she should be able to, yes
  10. most likely, yes. as it says all characters
  11. yep, the update with Esper was also with Asura and Crimson Avenger
  12. Actually Ain also got 3rd path on the next big patch ^^
  13. MN is god tier, yes. the difference between MN and those other chars u mentioned is basically cause MN has a incredibly high chance of winning against any other character, while DoM, FP, FL, even tho theyre op aswell, dont have that exact same scenario ^^
  14. exactly why i asked, as they mention zenith tourney and not vanilla, while zenith tourney been vanilla lately. if u dont have urself the proper answer, let them reply, thanks
  15. while, at the same exact time, they say " All costume set effects with procs are banned" while zenith made their tourneys vanilla last times without any costume AND they dont mention timed stuff nor accessories.
  16. u shouldnt be surprised as you play the god tier broke PvP characters...... OT: im confused about what u can or not wear during matches.... we can use accessories and costumes? just non proc stuff and some rules for ring, everything else allowed? IB weapon, monster masks, etc?
  17. I love you Tomzito. Even if we dont talk much and arent so close, you mean alot to me, i really consider you a big friend and I hope this break helps you to set ur mind back to a good place, if thats whats it for, and ye, thats all i have to say, i really like you and ur soft Adds, be back if you ever feel like it. wish you the best and talk to me if you ever feel like it, u know where to find me ^^