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  1. EvilEragon

    [1/4/19] Update Discussion Thread

    I hope they add ED rota next week to my birthday ' -'
  2. EvilEragon

    [1/4/19] Update Discussion Thread

    LF>khaos in ed rota QwQ
  3. EvilEragon

    El Resonance Point Reset free item mall or ncp !

    a 2. "reso tree" same by skill-tree is better ...i think o3o , so one side for pve> 100 on exp and 2. side for pvp o:
  4. EvilEragon

    VoidEls PvE Service

    IDK, how to ask in Discord for a party/service for a Titel ._. ...idk where can i ask ... Q_Q'' btw im EvilEragon#6707 on Discord :'c
  5. EvilEragon

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    its the same shit with el tower defence Q_Q lf>more randoms in elrianode dungeons....126 tickets left....for 42 runs but never find a good party for 11x5 D;
  6. EvilEragon

    VoidEls PvE Service

    Hello, i want a party for "El Tower Defender" Title :I ...i have Discort yea...but my english is.....so shitty Q_Q'' German Players Exist in ur Discort Server too?
  7. EvilEragon

    best player for each class

    i think, no one is the "best" player for each class btw. i dont know all the names in ur list .... pls delate it. c: and i play void like 3 years.
  8. EvilEragon

    About Perkisas's Breath

    i still have 6 or 7 of this Perkisas Breath, can i change it for Horns or somethings? :I
  9. EvilEragon

    [Rate and Share Your Stats]

    oh 10% also thanks x3
  10. EvilEragon

    [Rate and Share Your Stats]

    i want more HP Q_Q but is...max on/with bm..... D; question: i got on this bottom 9% team atk speed, it is max. or i can get a bottom with higher stats. ? and sry for my shit english rip
  11. EvilEragon

    Game is freezing before character log in screen

    server going down? rip...
  12. EvilEragon

    [5/12/17] Void V2.1 - Discussion Thread

    12...go away with this shit
  13. EvilEragon

    [5/12/17] Void V2.1 - Discussion Thread

    pvp season 5 hmm rank reset too?
  14. ^title, im a +9 BM /me or inv. me ING EvilEragon....btw i only got 15/250 runs q-q "im so alone"...... i hope its in the right section.
  15. EvilEragon

    class change event/suggestion

    +1 i like this idea '-' so can i test other classes/ skills/combos with max lvl and testing titles (reaper, oor, dancing flame etc) with each class wat ever fk my english