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  1. I did read the rules (way to quickly) and I made a mistake so, i apologize about it. I edited My post wish u'll accept my apologizes :c Gentle person here :)
  2. Hi Ima take SS Eclipse Lu/Ciel cuz I do love play Lu/Ciel APPOLION and SS Eclipse is just so beautiful On Them. Anyway, I wish u took a lot of fun while Playing Void, I didn't know u personnaly but I wish u all the best. Thanks in advance. IGN: Rykuzo
  3. IGN: Rykuzo Level: 99 Age: 17 Gender: Male Average activeness a week: 16hours a week How many characters do you play/main? 1 and I main IS since his creation. When did you join our guild? Beginning Of September (I think :o) When did you start playing Elsword? At the beta When did you start playing VoidEls? 3 years ago Personal hobby's? Sport, Playing Video Games & Music~ Give us your motivation behind why you want to be one of our new admins: 7 years that i'm playing elsword so, I think that i have a lot of experience on the game and share my tips and tricks are for me the best way to me to use my experience on the game <3. How do you plan to help your members? If it's in PvE, i'll help our guild members to level up until they become lvl 99, can do henir, SD's, heroic dongeons etc... And if it's for PvP, i'll try to help the one that needs some to increase his level on PvP with tips and tricks and to reach a very good rank in 2vs2 or 3vs3 (I was SSS for 4 seasons in a row). If you had to choose would you choose PvP or PvE, and why: I would choose PvE because there's no one in PvP and hackers are abusing it. PvE helps all the people: leveling path, find a good gear and it increases the link between the people that are in the same guild( and I think that's beautiful <3). Are you willing to adjust your way of dealing with things on the way your GM asks you to? I got any problem with our GM's so if there's a problem, i'll adjust my way of dealing things of course! What would you do as a admin when: - A guild member is misbehaving and is insulting another guild member? I'll create a spar room and invite them in it. I'll try to know someone in angry and why and i'll try to find a solution ( I think that every problem has a solution). - Guild members are in a big argument and its getting out of hand? I'll inform our GM's and other Guild Admins, I'll listen to the solution that they'll give me and try to appllicate them as much as I can! Every problem has a solution so we'll certainly find one the resolve our problems! - You get into an argument with a guild member and he insults you in multiple ways? I'll ignore his insults and to know why is he angry about me (I have to be strong!) and inform our GM's and other Guild Admins and they tell me what i'd have to do about him. That's all for me~ Wish you'll choose me because I love helping people and I'll be happy when they'll be happy! (That's my dream :D)
  4. Ton pseudo : Rykuzo Classe principal : IS Main Guilde précédente ( pourquoi l'as tu quitté ? ) : Shiva (j'ai été exclu car j'ai eu 1 semaine chargée d'exams -puni pour avoir bossé- ) Plutôt PVP ? PVE ? Ereda ? : Je fais pas beaucoup d'Ereda mais si quelqu'un a besoin de moi, je suis la J'étais SSS il y a 2 ans et j'ai arrêter pour passer au PvE (l'arène n'est plus basée sur le mécaniques mais sur les compétences Hi à toutes les aishas spam Z ) Pourquoi veut-tu rejoindre SolarisReturn ? ( tes motivations ) : J'ai envie de rejoindre Solaris Return car je vous connaissais depuis Elsword Fr et aujourd'hui j'veux tenter ma chance puisque j'ai entendu dire que vous étiez une nice guilde! As-tu Discord ou Facebook ? : J'ai les 2 mais je ne suis pas très actif sur Facebook car je préfère Discord/Twitter/Snaphat. Aimes-tu les licornes ? : Je ne suis pas un très grand fan des licornes mais s'il y a un truc que j'aime chez les licornes c'est ca: Je n'ai pas d'autres mots à part vous souhaiter une bonne fin de week-end!
  5. Ohhhh, a very good GS is gone. :/ Have a good continuation and have fun IRL
  6. Welcomu! ~ Have a good stay in VoidElsword. I wish u'll get very good adventure! c: Make friends and have fun. That's the principal^^
  7. IGN: Rykuzo Give me something like ED please brother ~
  8. 140M the SE elboy with 5/5 and lag wings and crown.

    I don't need the the weap and shade

  9. Don't be feared, I'm actually on the last update of windows 10 and it works very well I wish i helped u