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  1. Only 9 teams signed up so far even though the tourney ended up being vanilla? Where's my 64/2, 32 teams that I expected to see?
  2. First here's a question that I'm really curious about. May I ask: how many of you guys that voted for vanilla mode are actually hyped for it and will join if the tourney ends up being vanilla? Personally I don't quite get the fun in playing vanilla mode, a mode where everything is slow and stale with far more less options/ avaliable playstyles Here is the thing, vanilla mode only makes the already terrible class balance worse - you can only socket a very limited amount of stats. This in return benifits classes like EtW which does not need much speed, and hurts those classes that simply cannot play smoothly without high amounts of speed. Some classes also scale up greatly with decent gear or specific builds, while they'd have no chance of going against those so called god tiers if it's vanilla mode. These are the things that you absolutely cannot change. Arena mode on the other hand, the majority of classes have a chance of competing against each other for a win as long as they have decent gear and good skills. Yeah it comes down to gear again but then "gear carried" isn't that much of a thing anymore. People can do well in pvp even with +10 weapon (which isn't hard to get) as long as they know what to socket and play well. It is quite clear that it still goes down to who plays better in the end if you ever pay actual attention to arena. Not to mention how much more fun it actually is due to faster pace and more options So then I must ask, what is more unfair? Selecting people with something that you can work on or restricting people with pure class differences that you simply cannot change? Not everyone play/ likes to play EtW, MN etc is all I can say. If a mode disadvantages someone greatly and solely due to them not playing the top tiers, then there is clearly something wrong with it.
  3. There's currently no permanent ver of this accessory, so we gotta ask the staff to make a permanent ver of it first