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  1. HorrorVacui

    [Official Tournament] Zenith Circuit #4

    Ign: Misophonia Class: Mad paradox Guild: Mythos
  2. HorrorVacui

    PvP Tier List

    Ok like let's clarify a couple of things: 1- The tier list is built using tournament rules which means, spar gear only, limited title, attribute ONLY on armor, no proc effects etc etc, in order to keep the matches as balanced as possible. 2- About the graph tier list, we thought it would be more precise considering you can even see if characters have just one strong point or more 3- Ty for your opinions about characters, tho you should also explain your statements because saying "haha lol X class is not WhereIThinkHeShouldBe-Tier so it's wrong lol but i don't explain why cause I probably don't know either" is useless and doesn't bring anything useful to the discussion 4- Don't mind the Laby top right
  3. HorrorVacui

    The Dance of the Jacks Tournament

    Haemolacria - Doom Bringer: S (sadly not tier) Misophonia - Mad Paradox (Not Mod paradox) Lacrymas - Richter (Supreme Kd lord)
  4. Why are Devi allowed in the tourney? :oooooooo
  5. HorrorVacui

    A New Start

    Nothing. Saraba Da, Annovie..
  6. HorrorVacui

    Magic Wardrobe Masterpost (UPDATED AS OF 10/12)

    Add jason mask is incredibly ugly Fallen angel stuff and incubus costume would be nice as well...i mean...we have larva but not incubus..
  7. HorrorVacui

    [Tournament]ZENITH CIRCUIT

    Zenith Tournament is gathering new players to make the Circuit great again! We're planning to add prices and organize new kinds of tournaments like 2v2 or stuff Stay tuned and join our discord!