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  1. No that’d be stupid, it’d make henir pointless as hell. And if u have a suggestion it goes to the suggestion part of the forums not the event discussion
  2. Damn u void staff and ur no eta’s
  3. no eta.jpg @Structure @Xera
  4. Why're people so desperate for attention that they make false things up just to get them banned its hilarious. Like fr desperate ass if you want attention go ask your mommies or go out and earn instead of sitting in your parents basement lmao.

  5. i want people to suffer getting theirs like i suffered getting mine.
  6. maxi, boss dmg, skill dmg
  7. running add dungeon i get on aver 2 per dungeon my average time is 1:20 so i average 90 an hour
  8. @Archangel You're right cold isn't a weather condition its an air condition but if they're allowing it just don't bother arguing it, it won't change anything.
  9. disney princess