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  1. Was just wondering how much PING do you guys think is acceptable for PvP? (PING to server not your provider)
  2. Haven't done it yet. Want to try but since I have a +9 void wep and only ~485k CP on EtW I highly doubt anyone would want me in the party, especially becouse I don't know the pattern.
  3. Ok so main arguments in this thread became: Having a shit PC makes it impossible to play the raids, so can't get weapon, Being to weak to enter raids? Wanting easier way of getting the weapon becouse 0time/lazy? Well for the PC part, thats not our problem thats your problem. If you can't properlly run a game don't play it or just don't play the parts of the game that your PC can't handle. The excuse is stupid from the start. Its like buying a new game amd bitching to the creators to make it playable on a toaster so you can play too. Being to weak for raid is also your own problem. No I don't have a raid weapon myself becouse I'm not strong enough either, currentlly sitting at 485k CP but trying to get +10wep so I can deal some dmg to the raid boss. It's a long progress to become strong enough for the raids but it should be like that since its a end game thing. To lazy/not enough time? Again not the games problem. Elsword was never rewarding for lazy people. And stop trying to make it a game like that. Inb4 you are just selfish and dont want people to get the weapon easier. I saved money for half a year to buy a bettter PC so I could normally play this game. Played it for 2-3years with a shitty laptop that could barelly manage 30FPS in normal dungeons. Gear I've been farming for good gear on my EtW since she came out and still not nearlly as good at it should be for raids, do you see me conplaining? No. Becouse I know its my own fault. I also don't have much time since I have to jugle work, social life and elsword all the time leaving me with 2-3h max for playing Elsword durring the week, so I just make sure to do all the dailies in that time and thats it. And just by that you can earn few 100m in a week or two. So please stop crying and just start working harder for what you want.
  4. The problem isn't that it's just one person. PvP is filled with people like that. And after many matches like that you get tired of it, becouse you realize that you can have OP gear af be good at the game and in the end you will still lose against little shits like that. Even worse when they are lagging. Also judging by the fact that you support shit like this you are one of those people other wise you would support shit like that.
  5. Judging by that pic, you are the reason why people are quiting arena/the game. Hope you made your parents proud.
  6. Lol. I had to do more than 600 for my 1st weapon
  7. I said up to Elrianode, meaning 4D. Yea. Would be fun if we would have to choose between female chars. That would cause an actual war
  8. Well most of the gear up to Elrianode isn't RNG. Also previous Events weren't RNG, you just had to farm the drops and you crafted what you wanted.
  9. Not a big fan of the RNG pouch (INB4 stacks of consumables), also no pets with perm pick up aura, and no costumes :/ Otherwise a fun idea.
  10. -1 My runs got ruined way to many times by laggers and leechers. I don't mind weaker players.
  11. EC used to be 1:100 while Ice crystals that you got from burning IBs were sold for 1-1,2m ea. Those were weird times
  12. I was saying in general the other guy started with asians. I know that even Europeans have huge lag.
  13. Ban them if they go to Ranked arena knowing that they have huge lag, yes. For example, I used to have really bad net (400kb/sec upload and tons of ping) and becouse I knew I had bad internet and huge ping I stayed out of arena becouse I knew I was causing lag and ruinning the fun for others. Once I got the net I have now I started PvP-ing again. Thats why I don't understand why others can't do that themself. TL;DR if you have bad net and you know it, stay out of Ranked. Its not others problem if you can't have a decent net so don't ruin their fun.