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  1. Nisha is alredy in game if thats what you asked. For Reboot just be patient the officials just got it not long a go. Could take few more weeks or months before we get it.
  2. When i logged on about 1-2h ago it was ok
  3. When your friend gets Elrianode weapon guard drop 2x in a row, while you can't even get 1
  4. It's just that at this point this title is way too "hard" to get for it's stats. I know that when this title was introduced it was easy af to get it, but with all the revamps and updates this title became just bs hard to get
  5. Wonder if we could get a way for obtaining this title in an easier way. Since I think you can only get (Old) Equipment from Bronze and Silver Cubes at an really low % (atleast for me opened 15 Bronze ones and got 0 of them). I mean Its an useless title but needed for collecting I guess.
  6. I am a chung main since pre renewal (mained DC when he was one of the weakest classes). But yea thanks really appreaciate comments like that. I just got tired of people riding the Chung&Laby hate train. Withoit looking at other chars
  7. Not defending. Agree with that. But I think that a Sariel that lags and only thing she does is fly around and spam homming skills isn't anything better or IMs that lag and spam stoic combos 24/7. Oh how about AeS that runs to charge MP just to spam magic missile and flame circle and only combos she uses is the one with the gust of wind? Yea sorry but most of the classes are on par with braindead bs. Again not defending chungs or Laby players. This whole game is braindead
  8. I'm not defending Chung. I know he is broken. I'm just saying there are other classes that are braindead too.
  9. Ara, BM, DB, AeS (the one that runs like a cunt 100% of time and spams magic missile) Oz is quite braindead too. Anyway alot of classes are braindead rn. Some are a bit more others a bit less. Oh also Twillight basically charge for Karma and then proceed to 1 shot you with it.
  10. Welcome to the forums
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    My streams are: DLive: Twitch: Youtube: Thanks for supporting
  12. I've been a part of Void Elsword since the very begining but finally decided that I'll do a proper greating now. In all of the years of playing this game there were many ups and down, some even made me quit the game but I always returned to it. In those years I meet alot of people that I unfortunatelly lost touch with and also insulted alot of people becouse I was toxic in PvP (I apologize for that, I'm trying to fix my bad habbit). Recentlly I started playing this game more again so I decided it would be a great time to writte this wall of text. I also started streaming and would really like if you guys could support me and help me improve in-game and outside of game. Thank you for reading all this and have a nice rest of the day/night.