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  1. Name/Nickname: Sam / Senpai IGN: NerfedTrash Main/Alt: Main Char+Class: Add - Mad Paradox Timezone: EST Why would you like to join this guild?: Where tai and sant go I follow okno but in need of a guild after some spilled tea and getting to know a moderator seems like a cool and fun experience
  2. @Structure @Xera @Shiryelle @Naivety Requesting thread lock. Nobody seems to say anything constructive but "lol you picked wrong waifu just grind more 4head xd"
  3. This is obviously an issue. Day 1 and Ignia has an 100k point lead from apple and it pretty much already says who is gonna win the entire event. I would wish to implement a comeback mechanic for the losing team similar to how voting gauntlets work in Fire Emblem Heroes. For losing teams in FEH they get a point boost with every battle they complete because if they continue to calculate the point regularly, there would be almost no chance for the losing teams to have a comeback. How the losing team calculate their points is using this formula: (3.1 + duration × 0.1). In FEH a round lasts for 45 hours, so the duration bonus can reach up to 7.5x. If void did something similar to this for whoever the 2 teams are behind for the day this would push them closer to the winning team (in this case Ignia) to close the huge gap between them. I don't want them to completely copy FEH's formula since that would most likely boost scores enormously high but something similar like this would be nice. I already know a few people who's motivation got killed because of the day 1 results so i would like for them to still make this event competitive and not completely one sided.
  4. Patches without fixing DoM's Conflicting bugged passives count : 3
  5. 12/14/18 - 2x Drop event for Add Dungeon Me: >does 180+ runs no weapon Friend: >does 400 runs to get 1 weapon Another friend: >does over 600 and doesn't get wep Like ??????? on NA GM Rush rush said after the 7/11 update that buffed the drop rate people were getting their weapons in about 100 ish runs. People were speculation that it would take up to 300 runs to fill up the bar but we never exactly knew for sure because we always got it before the gauge was around 3/4th's of the way full. Void has this 7/11 update and double drop and it can take over 200 runs to get a void weapon? I smell janked drop rates for something people would get in under 300 runs (with an average of 100 runs without a 2x drop) in NA. Yea RNG is RNG but that is still jank as fuck
  6. If people spent less time complaining about a fair drop rate and more time grinding they would have enough shards for whatever they want omegalul. Be grateful this isn't week 1 of the coffee event. This community cries way too much when they get spoon fed almost everything but when it comes to actual effort they cry when they get a run with 1 drop instead of 20
  7. Buddy, i've played like 4-5 days since the patch dropped and I've been grinding add dungeon on and off along side doing stuff with friends and other shit. If i can get 140 frost shards from doing 2 minute add dungeon runs from playing this game casually i don't see any issue with the drop rate and its like i said, RNG is RNG. Treat it like void shards you aren't going to get one every run but you are going to get something. There were times i get 1 or 2 and others where i get like 5.
  8. People seem to forget RNG is still RNG its not a guarantee lmao
  9. Making elrianode sets are easy so at this point its i see this more about laziness rather than convenience. Besides if you build a set like you are supposed to it is supposed to be made around your character / class.
  10. hhhhhhh oof alright. I had the impression they could possibly do something since they put in custom NPC's and items in the game along with putting the drop rate and ed gain on steroids but thats understandable
  11. Idk what resources the void staff has regarding game content, but i feel like void should do custom balance patches. KR Balances based off the KR meta and what their player base asks its kinda forced upon NA since they are directly connected to KR so the NA player base has to adapt. Since Void is a community based server i feel like we could possibly do our own balance patches well suited to our meta. (Things like us having 2 20% special active rings but in return +11 is the highest enhancement we have) I mainly wanted to bring this up because i feel like some of the unnecessary changes shouldn't come to void (i.e. Ultimate Fury nerf for Dominator). So i kinda want to bring this idea to sort of counter patch bad game decisions KR makes and not in the sense to have people complain and have classes that are already strong like FP or FB unnecessarily buffed
  12. In all honesty, this is void. It's easier to get shit so why are you even complaining? If you tried pulling on NA I bet you wouldn't even get half of what you have now. In the end its all RNG so nothing is rigged. Just some bad luck
  13. Tbh KR Nexon isnt doing 3rd jobs well, its rushed and for the official server (mainly NA) this could either make or break the future of the game. The fact that all the 3rd jobs are being released in 1 month intervals is annyogin itself but when you get them they are stupidly over powered, the new HA is just recycled skills mashed together to be called a new hyper, nd they just straight up break the integrity of the game wit force skills and the passives. Example, Doombringer has a 20 dp gain +50 max mp passive... why? As is output exchange isnt already a thing he gets even MORE dp without even socketing for it. And DB isnt even MP reliant and if DB has a higher MP cap than MM who needs the mp WAY more than he does then why? also the 3rd jobs promos, most of them are lazy and un original.There would be like 1 or 2 good 3rd jobs promos tthen the rest look dumb or just as the same as 2nd jobs with minimal changes like longer hair, an extra acc, etc and the gap between 2nd and 3rd jobs is not even funny. 2nd jobs vs trans you atleast had a chance but 3rd vvs 2nd you better pray they dc. 3rd jobs just randomly buffs everything to the point where everyone is on streoids and that is even fun, its boring and annoying. Being one shot by a CC isnt fun or being force skilled windmilled to death. Honestly is they just took their time to make 3rd jobs and not rush it it would be alot better than it is now. Especially since people like me wont have to wait almost 5 months for my 3rd jobs class and suffer being smacked around by busted 3rd jobs
  14. Honestly, i think they should probably make a system for the GS's like if they see hacking or get a report of a hacker, they could suspend the account and forward the final word to CM or Ran to ban them or not. Instead of just waiting a week or god knows how long it takes to ban someone
  15. *COUGH* Vaffle Imagine Asura but her attacks are almostt gaurenteed to hit and can blind you for like 10 seconds. Yeaaaaa also she is super mobile