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  1. i like how short the guild thread ism unlike 90% of thread that feel like reading an essay, also i wish you luck with your guild,i might join if i am not in one already ^^;
  2. just read it all, nice thread and outstanding style without being too long like an essay, good luck on opening your guild, good luck on working on it too marisia.
  3. i agree with the other 3 (especially gungnir(was a huge disappointment)), freezing arrow, saw some using but but it did not fit my play, wind wall not even sure what is better now, i will have to test crazy shot, wind blast is pretty good for sds and lower dungeons when i have to help someone leveling.
  4. i completely agree with you mari, day breaker has no usable mods, only mod wind blast can work in low dungeons like sds. (some people say mod crazy shot is good but i have never tried)
  5. dragon illusionist the other version the one in the two pictures from the left, the gray one is already here this costume i do not know a name for this is what i got in mind so far
  6. this looks pretty good, i like it, i hope it will come true.
  7. altar or dedication southern gate atlas tower(maya one, not sure about the name) halted sun memories hall of el those are you choices for now
  8. yeaaahhh thosseee....too annoying in both dungeon and guild expedition x.x awww i feel you in the RNG part, sorry for you mari uh homuraa it has been a while i hope you have been doing good, uh i understand how it feels, i am a daybreaker but still having this issue with ace in the how and gungnir, like whenever i try to use them with party the stage is cleaned up before they start hitting, also if you want you can add me in game i will try my best to help if needed.
  9. shooting start accessory and spring uniform please
  10. just read the whole seven pages of replies, i like the suggestions and the creative ideas you came up with, i would suggest some stuff as well if i somehow knew this will happen(which i hope it will) since i lack motivation x.x nice though, keep up the good work everyone.
  11. uhh..aisha's ice balls, old gungnir, humming wind(that wind orb looking one grand archer used to have),flying impact for blade master,eve's cloaking... that is all i guess
  12. i agree with everything you said about feeling bad because others kill(no one knows how much trouble i went through for that ^^;) i am annoyed by that to a point i try to solo as much as possible (except vanimyr and raid though) adrian's palace in expeditions, i feel you in that even though the guild i am in has only 3 people doing expeditions. uh about what i hate, i do not hate it but i find it kind of tiring, people who tell me i am useful for a certain buff/debuff even if my damage is low, i understand damage is not everything (especially in raid) but i do not like the title of "buffer/debuffer" but i must go with it to be able to join raid parties. sorry for the long answer.
  13. Rissel


    wow i was looking forward to this, nice progress you are doing keep it up AstroWorld, i will keep cheering up on you.
  14. i do not see any problem in it being tradable or obtainable in another ways.