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  1. just read the whole seven pages of replies, i like the suggestions and the creative ideas you came up with, i would suggest some stuff as well if i somehow knew this will happen(which i hope it will) since i lack motivation x.x nice though, keep up the good work everyone.
  2. uhh..aisha's ice balls, old gungnir, humming wind(that wind orb looking one grand archer used to have),flying impact for blade master,eve's cloaking... that is all i guess
  3. Rissel

    What do you hate the most in this game?

    i agree with everything you said about feeling bad because others kill(no one knows how much trouble i went through for that ^^;) i am annoyed by that to a point i try to solo as much as possible (except vanimyr and raid though) adrian's palace in expeditions, i feel you in that even though the guild i am in has only 3 people doing expeditions. uh about what i hate, i do not hate it but i find it kind of tiring, people who tell me i am useful for a certain buff/debuff even if my damage is low, i understand damage is not everything (especially in raid) but i do not like the title of "buffer/debuffer" but i must go with it to be able to join raid parties. sorry for the long answer.
  4. wow i was looking forward to this, nice progress you are doing keep it up AstroWorld, i will keep cheering up on you.
  5. Rissel

    Permanent Raid Sit Pose (Infernal Throne)

    i do not see any problem in it being tradable or obtainable in another ways.
  6. welcome back, i hope you will enjoy your stay, you can add me if you want to , ign is Rissel (small L)
  7. Rissel

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    good luck kidney, get sure to sell me one if you got the 69 race gos, nothing serious yeah i want the bottom for rena and maybe eve i feel you, but i know i will be like "me ed is gone" while i have too much of that 50% hp potion....
  8. Rissel


    it is a good and helpful idea even though i use only 1 character.
  9. Rissel


    that was the time i started so maybe not
  10. Rissel


    i am not sure if i remember you, what was the ign if i may ask? since i am not that active on forums, also welcome back, enjoy your stay, and sure, go ahead if you have any questions though i am not that good with prices.
  11. Rissel

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    uh so we did not get the other changes like LK and DB changes?
  12. Rissel

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    what about the new forces , how to obtain them if i may ask?
  13. mostly lack of trust in the other side , what if they took my hangers and just sold it on board or ran with it .
  14. Rissel

    Regarding limited IM sales

    the idea is good in general , it can also help to stop the issue of the ridiculously high prices of limited items .
  15. Rissel

    [Galaxies] Lv15 PvE n Chill

    How many members in the guild?