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  1. Rissel

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    good luck kidney, get sure to sell me one if you got the 69 race gos, nothing serious yeah i want the bottom for rena and maybe eve i feel you, but i know i will be like "me ed is gone" while i have too much of that 50% hp potion....
  2. Rissel


    it is a good and helpful idea even though i use only 1 character.
  3. Rissel


    that was the time i started so maybe not
  4. Rissel


    i am not sure if i remember you, what was the ign if i may ask? since i am not that active on forums, also welcome back, enjoy your stay, and sure, go ahead if you have any questions though i am not that good with prices.
  5. Rissel

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    uh so we did not get the other changes like LK and DB changes?
  6. Rissel

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    what about the new forces , how to obtain them if i may ask?
  7. mostly lack of trust in the other side , what if they took my hangers and just sold it on board or ran with it .
  8. Rissel

    Regarding limited IM sales

    the idea is good in general , it can also help to stop the issue of the ridiculously high prices of limited items .
  9. Rissel

    [Galaxies] Lv15 PvE n Chill

    How many members in the guild?
  10. Rissel

    Magic Wardrobe Masterpost (UPDATED AS OF 10/12)

    NA 2014 set purple/white/green/red/blue sword aura of darkness/gloom some boss drop accessories ( ran sword / the head one from the first boss in hamel)
  11. Rissel

    looking for a guild

    so much members i am sorry. the guild thread is awesome by the way . your master told me it is 200 members i do not think i can communicate with that , sorry i am sorry , really sorry , i was in [Lethal] once , did not seem that good to me sorry. i mean no offend , it is actually an awesome guild , just that i do not fit it. how many members you got? since i would love to have a bit empty guild.
  12. Rissel

    looking for a guild

    hello everyone , actually i am looking for a guild , level , type , skills , etc does not matter , all i want is a guild that actually talks , not full of jokes and memes because that is boring , honestly i doubt such a guild exists , that is all . thank you for your time and sorry because i am not that good at writing.
  13. Rissel

    hello !

    nice to meet you elsen , I hope you will enjoy your stay in void , oohh I love tales of the world radiant mythology 1 , I do not know why but I do not love 2 and 4 that much , I draw too though college takes all my time recently , I would love to commission from you then . <3
  14. Rissel


    IGN:SiwarClass:Rena Grand ArcherZodiac Sign:um i am not sure how to know this i am sorryWhy you'd like to join:um honestly i got some silly reason to join the guild , like i ask myself "would i love to see the word "guild name" under my ign?" though i chose Astrology from the name , then when i read the thread i felt an overwhelming will to join , uh sorry if i talked a lot .Tell us a little bit about yourself:i am not sure about what should i say , you can ask me.
  15. i did not detect any mistake honestly , i am not goo in English as well , those suggestions are good , i agree with @masterliluthough they should find a way to prevent hacking again , the ice crystals was useful to keep the IB sets prices steady , most of sets were 1b-1.5b , though PK was 2.5b but now .... EP hair is 3b ..EP wings 7b .... PK hair 2b ...lots of billions , that makes the server like...um...like not balanced ... there are people who got enough ed to buy everything in this game and some who can not get 100m , just like the not some countries.