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  1. I am not exactly sure about that anymore but it was either Elsword (which I advanced to Magic Knight) or Aisha (High Mage) . No Idea which came first but that was way back in the day when 2nd jobs were not even released.
  2. I certainly would not be against it. As far as I remember back when the Poses were released for the first time it was actually possible to use the Grand Archer pose on a Wind Sneaker and vice versa for a very short amount of time. At least back on DE Elsword unless I am misremembering but I am fairly sure it was possible..
  3. Unlikey is what I would say. Mainly because it was prolly never Intended that you can get more than just one reward on a single account. I might be wrong about that and they hand out one on 31st or even 1st January but I would not bet on it. Seems more like you unfortunately missed your chance.
  4. How many an hour roughly? ~10-20 maybe 30 at best Which dungeon(s)? Add Fusion Theory Drop Rate Medal and/or Drop Rate Sockets? Nope Though I am not sure if the droprate was better after the "adjustment" . Havent really been farming them back then since I barely got any before either
  5. I secound this. Last event they did that after a week so at least 1 shard is guaranteed each run.. no Idea why they decided to not do that this time around given the amount of number of Shards you will need for that +10 . Smh. The vast majority doesnt even have dropincrease equipment either.
  6. I usually either listen to Music or watch Videos on Youtube. Every now and then a Movie aswell.
  7. I wouldn't be against it but even if you had alternativ Download links they'd still be heavily on traffic and the same would happen again. And another Thread about alternative Download mirrors.... etc. It would help a bit though.
  8. The reason I play Void Elsword.. neither easy to answer nor Hard. Generally speaking I play Elsword because I like the Characters variety and different combat system. Speaking VoidEls specifically, mostly because I can decide for my own how long I am going to play this Game. The Stamina limitation on the officials ain't a bad thing but it is also a "forced" playtime until you get hundres of Stamina potions. Another thing is the EXP / Shop system. It's really great to test out various Characters you haven't tried yet and enables you to use them to the full extend without having to waste tons of Stamina for tedious repetitive Skill Quests. Generally I don't really like high exp boost though but I think for a Game like this it's okay. Also free goodies every now (from events for just a bit of effort) and then aswell as the huge amount of Craftable things.
  9. yeah I thought about the same thing but I stopped being surprised about that tbh. We're not gonna get another event for the rest of the summer anyways.
  10. If anything, this to be honest. As far as I know in KR the system is a little bit different aswell. You can craft sales agents there for a reasonable amount like 30m for 15 slots for 7 days or so. Removing it entirely will not have much affect afterall. You could remove that thing entirely from the Shop and it still wouldn't change a thing.
  11. +1 , seems like a good Idea to me. LoL to people saying Void would lose income. Dude, whatever you get yourself in the Mall doesn't affect Void in any way. They get their Money once you entered the Card Code in the Donation Tab, whatever you do with your EC afterwards doesn't mean anything to them. On top of that I highly doubt that anyone is charging up solely for buying those Promo costumes.
  12. After about 450 shards, I think that's about 100 ~ 120 runs or so.
  13. By the 2nd Question, do you mean if it is possible to drop more than one Cube at a time? If so, yes it is. The Increased droprate works different in Elsword. 2x Drop doesn't mean 50% to 100% but you got two times 50% chance for the drop on two different drops. Since we have I think 300%? Droprate it is even possible to drop 3 cubes in a single run.
  14. Hm no, the only time I recall it being slightly higher was when they were released. It's still possible to get the title early on but that requires insane amount of luck in PvP. It's not like every 2nd or 3rd match is going to be a guaranteed Npc.
  15. Yeah, it's pretty dumb but I guess that's KoGs way of having those titles somewhat rare.