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  1. these rewards are outrageous. Have voidels gone insane? I thought I would be the only person getting rejected just being alive !?
  2. why is the hiring period only one week? and begins on Saturday? Is there perhaps a huge update on the 2/1/2019? ... I smell something fishy... It must be the smell of the Illuminati
  3. after 400 chocolate, every time i run with my ara all i get is 1 chocolate bar. Is there some hidden cap for drops ?
  4. 1. Thanks for the advices. I will try and see if the items do appear again. 2. I DO not share my account information to anyone. (Just so you won't state the obvious again) 3. I'm fully awared that Void is not going to compensate or refund anything and i do not mind it at all. Though i still have one request (i doubt this is possible). Void does have "logs"/'history" of ingame transaction no ? is there away to check where thoses items has gone to ? If it were traded to other account or something i would have something/someone to direct my hatred to Q.Q. 4. And again, Thank you all for replying.
  5. So i logged in after 2 weeks not playing und found out my complete heroic set is gone (the weapon is still there..so weird). I suspect that my account has been hacked. I doubt that i sold my set out of accident. What should i do now ? should i just bear with it ? or can i at least fine a ticket to GM checking for details ?