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  1. 175 bars, 125m tier does not contain Head Hunter
  2. IGN: Peipain Main/Alt?: Main Name(optional): Pei Time Zone: UTC+8:00 Why do you want to join us: I enjoy being in new dedicated guild and would love to see it grow.
  3. Gotchu, I’ll most likely apply on board and join Discord server when I get home~
  4. IGN: Peipain, base Eve, soon to be CEm Timezone: UTC+8 Country(optional): - Main/alts: My pepsiman farming slave About yourself: Not much to say, but I’d love to answer/help with anything I can!
  5. Rit


    A PvE guild that do SDs and Henir daily, not too chill and not too serious about gameplay. Doesn't need to be a big and talkative guild tbh, I just need friends to play with, game gets boring when you solo everything for a while. Would be nice if the guild has Discord or Skype group because it is easier to contact each other that way (Not a must).
  6. IGN(s): Whom ♔Are you applying with your...Main/Alt: Main~ ♔Previous guild: Dusk ♔Timezone: GMT+7 ♔Level/Class: Lv80 / CBS ♔What you expect from our guild: People to spend in-game time with, Guild being active~ ♔Birthday (Optional): Jan 24th
  7. Applied on board~ >is actually online right now