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  1. If the mystics are tradeable just make alt accounts and stack up mystics. lol
  2. I would like to ask as to why the team decided against putting cosmetic stuff into this event for crafting or in the drop of the box? And as to why there been no limited IM sale since december-- kinda waiting for a lot of limited event/IM stuff to be back and many more do so too- would appreciate an answer ty
  3. immo i think most worth is 4-5-6-7 i rly hope the team that wins picks those they are immo the most usefull having all sds open isnt rly smth that important
  4. the event is nice and all and smth new for sure but....where my costumes at?Limited item mall sale?Limited event costumes????? WHERE THEM AT IM SAD LOWKEY
  5. Well listen, it's pretty obvious that they wont go that far anyways, this staff is bunch of amateurs doing this as a hobby, it's a private server they dont really care much anyways.The logic behind this server is do as less as possible for as much profit as possible. If this was a real job for the staff maybe they would take it mor serious but atm its just a timekiller really
  6. Having to hope you get the right char when burning All char ib's or being forced into per char ib's sucks big time,ED burners already use this and it works great,wouldn't hurt using it on Ice burners too.
  7. Not a fan of such IM sales,give the other chars something too :/
  8. Agree,last 40min we been in queue ''unknown'' is what we were getting not even any npc matches lol its 3pm server time and pvp is literally dead :/
  9. Dom in pvp,braindead starfall spamming cancer
  10. It's slowly stockpiling and cant do shit with it ,would rather like to sell it to whoever needs it or give it ti friends...
  11. >cashing in and getting it effortlessly,working a job irl takes no effort?Maybe I do not have fucking time to play the game and rather use the money i get from working to ''cash in effortlessly'' ://