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  1. bruh, 999 pieces + 500m who the hell has that amount of time to spend in christmas holiday when you need to prepare eveything for christmas eve
  2. Marumi

    [10/12/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Aww, at least I have some time do my homework
  3. Marumi

    Elrianode equipments bankshare nope, they won't do it until official servers will do it
  4. Marumi

    JP Voices (again lol)

    omg yes plss, i love luciel's JP voices! +1
  5. Then I don't see why shouldn't you buy something when the seller provides hangers
  6. Yup i know it, it's just people are lazy to buy hangers or are afraid to give hangers and when seller will log out they will stay with nothing
  7. It's because they need to spend money on hangers too
  8. awww, that's sad Hope u will sort everyting!
  9. Marumi

    New on the forums uwu

    Welcome to our community! If you are looking for a guild you can check here:
  10. Marumi

    Who could be holding all the ED?

    124m and i really don't care about ibs
  11. Good luck guys! Thank u for mentioning me in the topic~
  12. with +9 henir, no battle elixir just spa buff. I'm proud af
  13. Marumi

    New Here Hello

    Welcome to our community!