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  1. ING: 16shots Summer Rose! More ss: Item used:
  2. off, thanks! I didn't see it! Ye, quests like shard would be great, cuz it's really boring doing 1500 add dungeons for 5 +10 (which imo it's the best option for now) and it's demotivating a lot of people as not everyone can access raids. As the exchange rate for +10 is quite cheap (considering previous 500 and ed in christmas event). Also, event maps (idk how to call it) aren't worth doing them, because it take too much time for 1 seashell, same as sd.
  3. Do staff have planned any changes about how much seashells we need to exchange for +10? Like in christmas event or idk, don't remember now or will it stay the same?
  4. ss from forum or website shouldn't be a proof of anything. Here's an example how fast and easy you can change ANYTHING
  5. still better than doing secrets if u can only drop 1 seashell
  6. if u can do ~1min add it's still easy to get 300 seashells
  7. 300 add dungeons, I'm comming for my +10 void weap!
  8. It will be, cuz we didn't get Stability Maintenance, so prepare
  9. ✙ IGN ✙ _____________________________________ Marumcia ✙ POSTER✙ _____________________________________ ✙ ART CREDITS ✙ _____________________________________ official
  10. void staff plss, it's less than 5 min of work in acp