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  1. something like 2 hours or less
  2. Too expensive >_> Wait a little bit and it will be A LOT cheaper
  3. it's essentially just faceoff's, except it doesn't glitch out with raven arms just an option for raven players pretty much
  4. +1 it would be a lot easier for new chars
  5. we already know that and they will fix it c:
  6. Marumi


    Gl with your guild! I'm glad I could be part of this!
  7. Since there is no Nisha, EW needs will be my new main for now! Thanks void so muuch!!
  8. holy shittu, it's better than +10 bless u
  9. All of them, but I will main nisha. She's so cool and her story, omg. My heart is broken
  10. bruh, 999 pieces + 500m who the hell has that amount of time to spend in christmas holiday when you need to prepare eveything for christmas eve
  11. Aww, at least I have some time do my homework
  12. nope, they won't do it until official servers will do it
  13. omg yes plss, i love luciel's JP voices! +1