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  1. ErshEight

    How many people are in the game currently?

    The game works for me now. Waiting is good.
  2. ErshEight

    How many people are in the game currently?

    Lucky them, then. Im still stuck with the 380 GG issue and ill just wait and see what happens.
  3. Just wondering about the number of people that managed to get past all the current issues some people are still currently having.
  4. ErshEight


    Forever 30%...
  5. ErshEight


    And as The Rock once said... Allow me to introduce myself. I am the noob-beating, pizza-eating, trailblazing, cannon-raising, talking is done, you're out of your class, no sleep 'til 80, and im here to whoop your ass! Name's ErshEight, ya could find me on 1v1 PvP as the worst TT you ever met in your life that was whining after the match. Thats my type of reaction. As some info about me, I dont like PvE, cant make good-looking combos, I like pizza, trying to learn TT on pvp, I like pizza, sometimes some rockets happen, did I say that I like pizza? That 'bout it. I'm bad at these but I tried.