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  1. AuraSeer

    vpn for the game

    one i would suggest is hotspot shield
  2. hey there~ are you on atm to receive a guild invitation? also make sure to join guild's discord for easier communicating~
  3. AuraSeer

    Enchantment Event.

    unlike NA, its easy to get up to +8 via any blacksmith npc void's events gives away free +9 most the time and last 2/3 years they made +10 amus available for free players as well so personally i don't see any reason for them to bring enhancement events
  4. AuraSeer

    About Laby quest story in Void later

    i mean its fine even if they nerf it in void just like what god said above, won't really matter much void wise, might be upsetting in another servers like NA cuz of how hard ed farming is (new/ungeared players point of view) aside how expensive their market is
  5. +1, even if they make it stateless, better than nothing at all
  6. AuraSeer

    Frost Maiden potions

    +1, i don't mind if they bring them in events only but at least make them permanent please and i agree with rad, prices need to be raised if they make them perm.
  7. wew . who dat boi in ur pfp?

    1. MikuHatsune


      >>and signature

    2. AuraSeer


      idk, random pictures been found randomly

  8. AuraSeer

    Make this free please.

    +1 for turning them into tradeable tickets but -1 for free, extra slots are extras, yes probably most players need them including myself but they're not "must have" for void to make them free
  9. planned to get hh but seems like i'll get nothing
  10. AuraSeer

    Which characters do you fund the most?

    costumes wise that was my add and gf's elesis and eve, gear wise for the meantime my ain