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  1. Low ec rates is a good thing for the strictly f2p players. They have only to gain from it. But yes, from a spender's pov, it's not good. Personally it's why I stopped loading up outside anything decent being in the IM. When the rates were .5:100, which lasted for 3 days before void tripled the ed rate, there was a pretty big war between sellers and buyers about what the rate should be. If there's no incentive to load up, ec sellers will eventually decrease in activity. Not a good or a bad thing for the server since people will still load up for their own convenience, but it will still have its results.
  2. This is disingenuous. Gc is only popular with br players still. That has been the case even with officials when bgc had multiple filled servers. Elsword isn't popular with any community to that extent, as seen by every server, including void, being reduced drastically in playerbase over the years.
  3. That level of inflation is pretty crazy. Can only imagine what it would do to prices in the long run if kept.
  4. Value of an item isn't a fair argument. If anything, it's an indicator that it's time to release it again. Sorry to those who spent money like that, but the market is a gamble.
  5. Believe it was already said this wasn't doable due to Elsword's coding. The boss thing wasn't done because it interferes with the drop rate list that they otherwise would have (rosso raid accs, el tears, etc). The best course of action I'd say is to create a daily and a weekly quest, as well as a repeatable. Repeatable giving 2, daily giving 3-4, weekly giving 15-20. Possibly a monthly depending on how long the event goes on, but probably not (have the daily and weekly be the same for all modes).
  6. Getting a consistent 4 and 5 shard per run at 11-2. Doesn't seem too terrible there at least, but fusion did seem lower than usual in amount.
  7. Probably a result of them changing channel capacity at some point. During Void's peak when they were having the same "fullness" you could see it in-game with sparring rooms being fairly plenty, most dungeons usually having at least a few people in them, and areas were full, as well as fields. Whether or not Void is dying aside, channel capacity doesn't really mean much.
  8. Think they put that there as a way of getting people to burn all the ed they expected everyone to be pouring into the economy. If you didn't do type void to sell shards, you would be relying on dungeon clears for the bulk of it (assuming you weren't selling anything like costumes). But obviously that does conflict with the whole Christmas present ordeal as it's no longer a present and more just a cool reward from an event. 2 years ago people were getting free IB sets, last year was a free +10, this year is "work for your present." I'm not against having players work for their stuff, but it doesn't match well with the holiday season theme.
  9. Sure they have their use in ERP grinding. No one here is denying that. But until you have solid evidence from the staff that this was the intended purpose behind the items being added, you don't get to make such a wild claim. Sure. But the initial problem was you said PvE players deserve higher income because of pots. So I ask again, what makes them so important that you literally cannot PvE without them (and I mean LITERALLY)? Well never mind on the last part, you just admitted it here. Also, the second part legitimately creates the largest amount of irony in your post and I'm genuinely concerned you don't see that. You are paying for luxury. They are not required. You do not deserve higher income because you use pots. You even admitted they are not required. This was already explained. In a niche market, increasing supply does not mean you're going to increase demand with it. This lowers overall profit for no reason other than you want to spend less money. That's not a win-win. That only works if the demand for said items increases with the supply increasing. Otherwise you end up with a surplus. ERP leveling is a niche market. This is the basis of the entire paragraph but the essence of it was already responded to on page 2. You misinterpreted and that's my fault for poor wording. Vote in this context is implying who is actually correct in the argument. And in that case, you are absolutely losing.
  10. Wow, look guys. I can get a group of people to show up all at once in a thread to act like you have the majority's vote too. But really, an actual rebuttal would be great. There's gotta be at least 5 of you in that discord channel. You're going to tell me none of you are able to produce an ounce of logic to to use here?
  11. I literally had to go to the thread to get the picture. Are you alright in the head?
  12. Someone not knowing what they're talking about makes a post that proves they still don't know what they're talking about. But go off, I guess. Feel free to point out the flawed logic. I'll be waiting. I have time. I'm sure if all of you in that discord channel put your heads together, you'll be able to come up with something.
  13. What's the relevance of Elsword NA here? What's the relation between their alleged understanding economics and the market prices? And are you aware that high prices doesn't immediately mean a poor economy? Are you aware that super low prices can also mean a poor economy? If you're done talking out of your ass, read on. Hoarding isn't even a factor in the economy here. If they manage to bump up the price and it's still being sold at that price, then newsflash, that old price wasn't showing the real value of the item. There is no single set price for an item. A sales transaction is an agreement between the buyer and seller, and each buyer and each seller can have different maximums they're willing to pay for any certain item. Gostone doesn't want to, but he continues to buy items that he feels are overpriced when the item is not at all mandatory to have. What does this tell us? He actually is agreeing to the price. And it isn't like he's doing it once or twice, but he's continuously doing it. Sounds to me like the value of the item is fine in that context. There is more than a seller too, so if the competition was fierce enough to sell these elixirs, they would be dropping hard in prices. Evidently it's not. I can sell a green tea for 3 bil. Does that mean that green tea is worth 3 bil? No. I can also sell it for 1 ED. Does that mean the green tea is worth 1 ED? No. The item's worth is a result of the community's willingness to pay for it AS WELL AS a seller's desire to keep selling it. If these items are being sold for more than you feel they're worth (CONSISTENTLY) then guess what? Your feelings on what the items are worth are wrong.
  14. Interesting. I thought they were added for the purpose of making leveling faster. You know, the first 99 levels of the game. But clearly you have official wording from Ran that they're made for specifically for ERP leveling, something that not the majority of this playerbase does. You wouldn't mind showing that, would you? Do me a favor and quote where I mentioned clearing. Sounds to me like you want to twist my words to make up for your inability to produce a good argument. Even go as far to question by ability to PvE as if that somehow contradicts anything I say at all. And this is why I'm willingly insulting you. Because you don't get it. The people who are liking your posts don't get it. PvE mains in a nutshell don't get it. It gets proven time and time again whenever PvP income gets shafted because you all want to provide suggestions because it is made clear you don't understand economics. That's why Void has had so many of its markets shattered and why making money now compared to so long ago is so much more difficult. You're adding supply into the market. That drives prices down. That's the easy part to understand. Now when you use your brain to think a bit more, you realize that demand is also a thing. These items are being sold to a niche market. You might think..."wow! but if they're so niche, then they aren't even worth this much" and to which I reply with a very obvious answer that somehow slipped over all of your heads: If they weren't worth the price they're set at, they would be going down! If they weren't worth the price you're already buying them at, they would be going down! And yet! They're selling! Amazing how markets work. Truly magical. The niche market they're being sold to already seemingly accepted the price of something that isn't even mandatory in the first place. And there's even plenty of them being sold at that price. So truly, I have to ask, why do you think your opinion that they cost too much overrides the market functioning naturally in the first place?
  15. Slowed down doesn't mean it's required. That's not how it works. They do not give you a higher gear score, nor does the game create an obstacle to the point that you literally cannot progress without them. They are not required, but they make the run faster. That's all. I'm not telling you to stop using potions, but I am telling you that you do not deserve higher income just because you do. That makes you look dumb for making such a ridiculous claim.