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  1. Welcome back~ omg another Sariel omgomg I'm also a Sariel woop woop >w<
  2. my eve my rose in the future eve is love , eve is life okay i literally sound like a creep but you know what i mean
  3. Welcome! Hope you have fun in Void!
  4. Welcome welcome! Welcome to void! There's an event going on so please play as much as you can! Hope you enjoy your stay here~
  5. Welcome back! I hope you get your account back, though! <3 I can carry you some levels ! If you want hehe
  6. Welcome back! Please check out the winter event! AND GET READY FOR A LOT OF GRINDING
  7. welcome to void forums! we're pretty wild hehehehhe
  8. ZAYYY qwq i miss you i'm ana, remember? qwq

  9. Welcome back~! ALOT has changed since you have been gone. We're lucky to have you back again~ and your English is actually really good
  10. i dont think the GMs can apply money to ppl
  11. LASKHDLASKJDLASD I dont wanna be a complainer but here goes nothing I do agree for each of these topics, so... +1 and to elaborate on this.... completely different topic but here we go I understand that the GMs and certain people think that if we complain, they will think that SOME of us (not the majority of us) are slackers in a way But I feel like they need to put into perspective into people who actually work hard for things, and unfortunately did not succeed.People DO have lives and they want to achieve such great things inlife also.. pls dont @ me cuz im one of those people ESPECIALLY THE +10 AMMO hahaha that's the real target ig cause if players have hectic schedules during this month, although they WILL receive their happiness/gifts for christmas, they won't have their happiness in-game, which is the chance to get a +10 scroll within maybe like 4-5 days seems to be unlikely does this even make sense? LMAOOOO unless if they're rich then that's a completely different story Sooo, I don't want the GMs or some people to feel mad about this but I just want them to gain a third eye for the unfortunate yet hard working people in this game, y'know? does this make sense? idk if I even make sense LOLOLOLOL ok i just realized that this sounds biased but im gonna upload this anyway sowwwwyyyyy ok i just realized that the comments on top of me are like ranting but i don't want this post to harm/offend anyone SORRY if i did QwQ
  12. ooooo this event sounds so gooooood but, i feel like the requirements of getting that +10 ammo seems a bit excessive esp to the ones who are kinda in poverty in the game, *me and i think only me LMAOO* so can you guys please at least make the +10 just slightly easier to get? maybe reduce the amount of crystals or even the ED? that is all. thank you <3333333 IM NOT HATING THIS IS JUST MY OPINION QAQ i already know this isnt not gonna happen LOL gosh i sound like some of the people complaining about the +10 issue at least make the store bought consumables perm QAQ