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  1. Quick download before the DL Speed gets garbage!

  2. Well I didn't see that coming

  3. Areku


    Welcome to the Void Forum!
  4. Areku

    Looking for a Guild for my Bluhen

    R>Lock @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Naivety @Structure @Xera
  5. Welcome back to Void Ceshira! I hope you enjoy your stay here in Void & in the future Guild you'll be joining~
  6. IGN/Class: Celus/Bluhen Age/Gender: 16/Male Previous Guild (if any): With this Char none, but with other Chars currently [ProjectMysticz] (Guild Admin there) About you: I am a young passionate Veteran in Elsword and I love to meet new people & hang out with friends! I am also a total Anime & Gaming Nerd so I hope I meet people with the same hobby! I have 3 Main characters at the moment, which are my Furious Blade, my Bloody Queen & my newly created Bluhen!
  7. Im gonna level up Nisha Labyrinth first because she is the one out of the three that caught my interest
  8. Areku

    Looking for a Guild for my Bluhen

    I'll have a look in all of these Guilds~ Im gonna decide later EDIT: I've made my decision and I will go with Acuity! But I really thank @Nyxilis & @Celery For offering me a place in their Guild!
  9. Areku

    Looking for a Guild for my Bluhen

    Im Gonna have a look into it~
  10. Hello Guys~ As you can read in the title I am looking for a Guild for my Bluhen! I consider my Bluhen as my 3rd Main now and I want to play him more often. I am looking for a Social PvE Guild that I can also chill with, but I should throw this in to the room : I am not a big fan of really full Guilds because I often feel excluded with so many people in it and I am also not the biggest Memer I do meme every now and then but that's actually it. But I really want to meet new people to hang out with (most of the time I play with some of my friends or just stay Afk in Altera) and also be more Social!
  11. Areku

    Hi All

    Welcome to Void Excelerator~ I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  12. Areku

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome back to Void, Almond~