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  1. Areku


    Might as well introduce our Guild as well, Acuity is a Lv.18 PvE Guild and very active at the moment! We are not that of a huge guild, rather a small, active Community where no one should feel left out, it's like a cozy family~ I hope and wish you good luck finding a Guild that fits your desires~
  2. Areku


    Welcome back to Void Ary! I hope you enjoy your stay here again
  3. Welcome back~ I hope you will enjoy your stay here again~
  4. We will probably get the Swimwear Cubes as craftable's again
  5. Im happy I got the IGN that matters the most to me now 


  6. Well now my Lv.5 Base Laby, who was sitting in the corner for like 3 months, has a purpose! And finally my FB can be free from the inactive Partner and find a new partner~
  7. Got ya covered with the reference~ But yeah just be patient and 2.6 will eventually come!
  8. Just live with it and continue playing PvP or just quit PvP.
  9. Ravens old Movement before it got revamped, rip ZZ Loop
  10. Hello and welcome to Void! I hope you enjoy your stay here~
  11. Hello and Welcome to Void Yena! I hope you enjoy your stay here~
  12. I haven't recorded my best run (0:58) so I just tried to get a close one and I am pretty happy with the result of this run Im going to explain what I used and what my Stats are below in the Spoiler
  13. First of Hello and Welcome to Void! I hope you enjoy your stay here~ I heard Void is having some issues since a few days now and we just recently had an Maintenance to fix an XIGNCODE Error