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  1. After removed all crystal from inventory now like???
  2. Welcome back to Void, nice to meet you
  3. 4/5LoW + FA hair more good than SrV 5/5 but then again if you couldnt find 4/5 low take 5/5 is still good too since peeps over pricing 4/5
  4. which means you get all skill dmg tiers %points old : invest to bravery 100 point they'd seperately when you invest to bravery you only gain bravery % now : it become (one) all skill dmg point which means you invest 100 point you get all skills tiers (Special active,Active) ofc your CP will be boosted and all point will be reset
  5. not even official elsword has Laby TT and MFr yet
  6. i think this is good idea *claps* +1 for this uwu
  7. Camelia


    i'm so sorry, having net trouble i will join through Myu when the internet better! thanks and sorrryyy
  8. Camelia


    ▼ IGN: Aremi ▼ Main or Alt?: Main!! ▼ Why do you want to join?: b'cause i like the names ⌇ [Shᆆer] (looks cool) ▼ Best time to invite you: now, or 6 h (need sleep-remedial exam killing me)
  9. +1 for this
  10. Vlaaa are you still online? :o  when u got back to NA

    1. Vlane


      :P wont go back teehee
      at least if u came here to play around too #nvmuneedsome