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  1. You can easily just ignore them, not gonna lie. And chances are you won't spend enough time in a lot of the dungeon sets to clear them more than maybe one or two times. Plus I'm pretty sure only kog can swap those flags.
  2. bump (also @gheybabyjail forgot to mention i updated my suggestion based on your idea)
  3. Yeah, I getcha. More would definitely be nice, esp with the awful god cube trade rate
  4. More methods would be nice, but you can get 3 per character a day and they're bank shareable, so at least you can get ahandful that way, plus the daily? weekly??? quest that gives you like 30.
  5. another day, another ignored suggestion
  6. People requested it before, iirc, and it was always turned down, and more than likely they won't agree to it. (So unfortunately, when the bad SD duo crops up, we gotta just deal with it)