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  1. In spite of the unnecessary drama, time for another session of "Morons United": throwback to the time marmar pissed off fred and he tried to murder everyone
  2. Yes pleaseeeeee Even if you were to make it rng between seeds and fruits, that's still much better than it taking 2-3 days just to make 1 pet food.
  3. Flannel


    void servers will shut down permanently, following rumors that ran is actually
  4. Pleassseee godddddd her inventory is such a mess also convert the SD support units into a cube also because there's so much clutter. I have to go to page 7 just to get pet food from her. Also while we're at it, please update Superstar cube... It's terrible, old, and nothing worthwhile in it. People literally only open it now because it's in ice burners.
  5. +1 for it being permanent, cos it's such a cute sit-- I want it even if no one will marry me for it