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  1. Yeah, the old hotkey system got yeeted into the trash when they introduced trans skill slots, iirc. So Set A and Set B are gonezo, but you can kind of replicate it by moving your hotbar under your HP bar.
  2. If you mean setting the skill hotkeys back to the olden days of Set A and Set B, I don't think it's available anymore. If you mean getting more than just 5 skills on the Force Hotkey Bar, not possible. We're all limited to 11 skills, with those 5 extras being Force Actives.
  3. Sorry for the late reply, but thanks again for finally acknowledging my suggestion! it's been a bitter almost 7 months
  4. Considering the game doesn't update as frequently as the officials do, I think giving them at LEAST a 2 week grace period to update is fine, but other than that it seems fine to me!
  5. Could use some tweaking and refining, but a good suggestion that long-awaited being approved.
  6. it didn't want to acknowledge this thread xd (also bump)
  7. As far as I know, yes. They will change to whatever is in rotation for that particular IB number.
  8. Bump, might review and make more changes to this later
  9. +1 to both, but hopefully the exchange will let us trade untradeable ones. It'd be a shame to be stuck with 10 twisteds when i got lucky and only needed 9
  10. ETD is good to farm if you have a strong enough party and someone to tote around a blessed rosso. Runs generally under a minute are great. Sanctum is... Decent to farm, since the wg is pretty highly coveted, so you can farm there too. 12-2 and 12-3 are a pain in the ass, but if you want to make money, you should farm 12-2 for a vine crown. WG generally sells for about 2-300m, on top of whatever tears you find if any are worth selling. Vine Crown's price varies a lot, currently over 400m. Nightmare Blindfold (12-3 drop) is on board atm for 700m but it's not really a meta item, so chance of it selling outside of fashion are very slim.
  11. The best time to farm for ED is when there's an event, especially a double title count event. You'll be able to farm El City, Debrian Laboratory, El Tower Defense, Forgotten Elrian Santum, 12-2, and 12-3 pretty easily since they'll be ones most people go to. El City gives good EXP if you can kill 200+ mobs Debrian Laboratory is relatively easy and is probably the shortest Elrianode dungeon outside of ETD. El Tower Defense is by far the shortest if you know what to do, have enough damage, or have a good enough party. Very very high chance of a unique el tear every phase. Forgotten Elrian Sanctum is kind of long, but it can drop the Corrupt Elrianode Weapon Guard, which on average sells for over 300m. 12-2 is a pain in the ass and really only ever ran for Demonic Vine Crown and Forginay's Fruit title. 12-3 is also a pain, but not nearly as bad as 12-2, and is generally only ran for Critical Presence and Key to Victory.
  12. we did it guys, 6 pages and still ignored