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  1. Yeah noone remembers me anyway since it's been months since I was active here the last time But I am officialy moving on from Elsword in general. I have IRL stuff going on that's keeping me extremly buisy (In a positive way) and I'd much rather spend the little time I have to play games, playing things I actually still enjoy. Elsword just has grown stale to me and while I'll say I had some good times in this game, that was definantly a long time ago. If all my things weren't hangered I'd probably give away most of my stuff Maybe at some point I'll actually feel generous enough to spend the money to unhanger it and then start a giveaway or something. But certainly not now. Anyway thanks to everyone here on the forums who has dealt with and endured my idiocy while I was still active. Thank you to the staff for, at least for 2 years, giving me a place to meet some amazing friends, hang out and play with them. I might come by the forums again every now and again to check on some people. Until then I hope you all keep enjoying your time here as much as possible. Have a good one. Cheers Kaz/Shi
  2. The season of grinding has begun Gotta grind on Granblue and on Void... Anyway befor I leave to do irl stuff. I want to thank the staff again for their work and another event to keep us buisy.
  3. I think what Yata was trying to imply was that most people would just use it on stuff like Elrianode gear then, either send that around to theire mains or sell said gear then trade the money over to their main.
  4. Thanks I was getting a little bit worried that I read over it somewhere haha. That actually doesn't sound to bad after all we do have until the 4th which I feel is plenty of time haha
  5. wait where does it say you only get 1 drop per dg? Did I acccidently read over that?
  6. I honostly have no Problem with Rena at all I like her as a 'character' as in her actual personalety. Some of her class designs are really pretty. Idm her in dg's and I don't play pvp so I can not judge on that.
  7. +1 I need more Hoyas I already have a bunch of them but you can never have enough Hoyas! IwouldfuckingdieforHoya
  8. Where is the idm Ara as a character but hate 99% of the people that play her option? because that's how I personaly feel
  9. Oh... that was... unexpacted But nice At least I have something to do now aka grind a shit ton of +9 scrolls and Force skills haha
  10. Okay so I haven't been able to check Forums until now. I read some things about bugs/items disappearing and obviously that some channels are buggy and some or not... What the ever loving heck is going on? I also saw someone say that it was said not to actually login yet or something... I am so confused...
  11. Wow I was not expacting servers to be still down. Oh well shit happens, let staff do there thing befor things break again. Welcome to Elsword and Void newcomer. on a nother note thanks for adding all these Ain costumes to the IM staff rip my wallet haha.
  12. I remember some people having negativ donwload rates as well
  13. This and also a +10 void weapon with stages will still be better since I assume that the raid weapon will not have any mystic stones in it due to beeing temp. Which is the only thing that would make it better then void weapon. The dmg difference is barely noticeable. Let the ftp players feel strong for a bit too idm. (and this is coming from someone who worked for a +11 and 2 +10 void weapon chars okay?)
  14. Welp I certainly didn't expact this. Pleasently suprised, now I wait until like next week so I can actually download the update. (Since I assume serves are gonna be down for a while and download servers might be overcrowded again once it is up again) Thanks to the staff for the balance updates beeing literally on time with KR. Now I really have a reason to main IM. <3
  15. No ETA Anyway I expact - some sort of new bug that will freak people out - lot's of people dying to the new dg's and raids and then crying about it - at least 2 days downtime of the servers - then noone will be able to download the updates because download servers overloaded - my wallet to suffer because of Radiant Flower and Black Mesa