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  1. You can edit it while talking to an NPC if I'm not wrong
  2. 404

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    I can invite you once you're available just whisper IQ
  3. 404

    [11/16/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Customizations when ty for the sit tho I love it Maybe guildies will run expedition now
  4. 404

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    I added you just whisper IQ ingame or accept the Friend request whenever you're ready ~
  5. 404

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    Sure just let us know when you're ready to join !! if you want you can join the discord already and tell us even easier and quicker ~
  6. 404

    Completely burned out

    +f will miss you 100% I will miss the best CU Void dont @ me. I obviously wish you all the best and nothing but great times we all love you. I'll cherish the fun times we had on Void even if they were more on discord than anywhere else stay positive fam Ily and I'll miss your +10 opness
  7. 404

    I hate titles

    2 minutes where ???
  8. 404

    I hate titles

    If you're talking about the Title "Entrace To the Demon Realm" you have to clear it in 4:30 which is totally possible considering runs can only be 2:30 with a good party and you don't even need a certain rank for it. Titles seperated on a character is not such a huge issue to me since I mostly care about my main and I have Race Go for CE so thats a w/e to me. The game is about grinding just like the majority of KR MMO's thats how they succeed because they want to keep players occupied as long as possible and get as much money as possible out of them. PTH is best to farm if you can get 200~300 mobs per run which is possible you just need to be "geared enough" which is not much for Elrianode but its still better to get than Race Go. If you dont want to do PTH just get God of Dimensions its Henir Rank 1 of your character which means Solo = no F8 if I'm not wrong same Attack bonus and Hyper skill dmg. The frustration is understandable but the game is not too hard to play and titles are nothing but time consuming.
  9. 404

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    It says that you're offline so just whisper "IQ" once you can be invited
  10. 404

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    Are you online right now so I can add you ?
  11. 404

    Changing the login screen + contest

    +1 not because I think the log in screen is ugly but because I hate that dungeon its terrible. I don't mind it too much but it would be fun to have such a community Event again just like it was with recoloring IBs.
  12. 404

    varnimyr dungeons

    Dungeons were fun besides 12-8 that shit is cancer as CE with the debuff from casting skills. Besides that I did quite well and had fun I prefer the visuals over Elrianode by far and can't wait for the city/fields to be released
  13. 404

    What's your Combat Power?

    I wish I could edit my choise but its 501k~600k I forgot I was wearing RoF and didn't have my pet with me
  14. I wont know for sure but the best idea for you is to just go to sleep